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Chemistry Faculty Search 2022

The Department of Chemistry seeks to fill two tenure-track or tenured faculty positions beginning immediately.


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Professor Jessica Lamb awarded thrice for catalysis research

Department of Chemistry Assistant Professor Jessica Lamb has been recognized three times so far in 2022 for her catalysis research and impact as a non-tenured faculty member at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.

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ACS-UMN Student Chapter President & VP present at Beyond Benign webinar

Two undergraduate Chemistry students presented at Beyond Benign’s Grant Program Info Session for MSI Student Chapters late last month. American Chemical Society - University of Minnesota Chapter (ACS-UMN) President Josh Gann and Vice-President Carolyn Dewey were featured speakers at the event.

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Minnesota researchers discover key feature in invasive cancer cell migration

University of Minnesota researchers have demonstrated that cancer cells can migrate from regions of high stiffness to regions of lower stiffness

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Associate Professor Renee Frontiera receives Department of Energy grant for solar photochemistry research

Associate Professor Renee Frontiera has received $635,000 from the Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science for her research on solar photochemistry. Her project will focus on using advanced Raman spectroscopy techniques to improve the design of molecular systems for solar energy conversion.

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In memoriam: Professor Emeritus Wayland E. Noland (12/08/1926 - 10/04/2022)

Professor Emeritus Wayland E. Noland passed away on October 4, 2022 at the age of 95. He first arrived on campus 71 years ago, followed by a 64-year faculty career, giving him the distinction as the the longest-serving tenured faculty member in University of Minnesota history. For the many people whose time in Chemistry falls within Prof. Noland’s notable career, it is difficult to think of the department without him.


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Chemistry Climate, Community & Culture

The Department of Chemistry has unique features that set it apart and help its students, faculty, and staff thrive and succeed. The department fosters a diverse community and works hard to create an environment where involvement, collaboration, caring, and safety are the norm.