Anderson Innovation Labs policies


Access to the Anderson Student Innovation Labs is a privilege, not a right, and it can be revoked by lab staff for failing to comply with innovation labs policies. All users are expected to abide by these guiding principles while in any of the innovation labs.

Treat all equipment with respect

Use equipment for its intended purpose only. Incorrectly using equipment can cause injuries or damage to the equipment. Do not use any equipment you haven’t been certified to use, even if you know how to use it. Injuries are most likely when using a piece of equipment you falsely presume to be safe. The training sessions are designed to teach you things that are not obvious to keep you safe and keep the equipment working. Ask for help if you don’t know what you are doing.

Treat the innovation labs with respect

Clean up after yourself as soon as you are done with your work. Sweep or vacuum your work area, clean your tools, and properly dispose of all scrap material. If you don’t remember where you found something, ask a staff member for help. If you see other people leaving a mess, encourage them to clean up, or clean it up yourself.

Treat other users with respect

The innovation labs can become crowded during peak times of the day, especially when project deadlines are approaching. Follow the rules and work out issues with other users; find a staff member if you have trouble with another user. Help other users or point them to a staff member if it looks like they are struggling or unsure of what they are doing.

Be safe and be vigilant

A safe work environment is a community effort. Follow all safety rules while working and encourage other users to do the same. Report any activities you suspect might be unsafe to staff and be aware of the hazards around you.

When in doubt, ask questions

Ask questions and talk to staff if you need anything. Staff are here to help, and you will not inconvenience them even if it looks like they are working on something.

Have fun

The innovation labs are meant to be a social gathering place for people interested in principles of engineering, design, and making. Most people in the innovation labs are working on interesting projects, so ask questions, talk to staff and other users, and take advantage of the smart people around you.