CSE Career Fair frequently asked questions

Updated information for the next CSE Career Fair will be available on this page in early fall 2022.

Do I need to register in Handshake to attend the career fair?

Yes. Access the College of Science and Engineering Career Fair directly in Handshake. View companies now and begin signing up for time slots to speak individually with companies Tuesday, Feb. 1, 2022, at 8 a.m. Central Time.

How do I prepare for the career fair?

Attend the CSE Career Fair prep workshops and Resume Marathon before the career fair. The CSE Career Center will also offer extended drop-in hours the week before the career fair.

When can I start researching companies?

You can begin researching companies in Handshake now. You can research the company, find positions posted under “jobs” and follow companies.

When can I sign up for time slots with companies? 

Beginning at at 8 a.m Central Time on Tuesday, Feb. 1, 2022.

How do I access the fair?

We recommend using a desktop/laptop (Chrome or Firefox) to access your meetings the day of the fair.

How can I see what positions are available for the employers during the career fair?

A few weeks before the career fair, log into Handshake, search "Career Fairs/Events," and find the "College of Science & Engineering Career Fair - Spring 2022 (Virtual) event. You can see the individual details for the employers you are interested in meeting. You can also search for positions via the “Jobs” tab to see a full position description and to apply.

Not all employers will have position titles listed and not all employers will have their position descriptions posted in Handshake.

How do I prepare for a virtual conversation? 

Do your best to manipulate your environment to look as professional as possible. Position your camera so there is a blank wall or simple background behind you. Although Handshake does not host virtual backgrounds, there are some third-party extensions that do work with the platform such as snapcamera.snapchat.com.

Limit distractions and try to make sure pets and anyone living with you are situated so they do not interrupt your meeting. However, it is okay if something unexpected happens! You can acknowledge what has happened, apologize, turn off your camera and/or mute your microphone to handle the situation, and return to your conversation. This may happen for employers as well. Be flexible and accommodating.

I'm a first-year student. Should I attend the Career Fair?

Yes, we encourage first-year students and students exploring options to attend the CSE Career Fair to become familiar with the fair and learn about the job and internship opportunities available to CSE students. Consider signing up for a “Group Session” with employers to learn about their organization.

Do employers at the CSE Career Fair also host on-campus interviews and events?

Log into the Handshake website and click “Events” then “On-Campus Interviews.” There will be no on-campus Interviews this spring, however some companies will have their virtual interviews posted in the "On-Campus Interviews" tab. Submit your application materials to be considered for interviews. You can also review the “Events” tab to see employers hosting virtual information sessions you can attend. Employers will continue to add events throughout the semester.

Should I skip class to attend the Career Fair?

No, your classes take priority and in most cases, attending the Career Fair is not a legitimate absence. Please work around your class schedule when scheduling employer meetings.