CSE Career Fair frequently asked questions

When is the career fair?

The Fall 2018 CSE Career Fair is Tuesday, Sept. 18, 2018 and Wednesday, Sept. 19 from noon–6 p.m. in 3M Arena at Mariucci.

Who can attend the career fair?

The CSE career fair is open to and intended for College of Science and Engineering (CSE) students at the University of Minnesota (undergraduate and graduate) as well as CSE alumni who have graduated within the past three years. Non-CSE students from the University of Minnesota may attend the career fair. However, non-CSE students should be aware that employers attending the career fair are specifically there to hire CSE students. In addition, non-CSE students may have problems applying for jobs in GoldPASS and/or participating in on-campus interviews. Students and alumni from other institutions may not attend the career fair. Students and graduates will be required to check in with their University of Minnesota student ID.

Do I need to register to attend the career fair?

Pre-registration for the career fair through GoldPASS powered by Handshake is encouraged but not required. If you register in advance, you will receive preparation tips, important announcements, the employer booth layout, and other details related to the career fair. To register, visit the GoldPASS website.

How do I prepare for the career fair?

Attend the CSE Career Fair prep workshops and Resume Marathon before the career fair. The CSE Career Center will also offer extended drop-in hours the week before the career fair.

Is there an app?

Yes, you can download the free mobile guide on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device beginning Sept. 9, 2018. Download the U Minnesota Guidebook app to your device from the app store. Search for and select the guide “Fall 2018 CSE Career Fair.” Download the guide. Once you've completed the download, you can use the guide offline to find prep workshop information, employer lists, FAQs, and more. Use the guide to prepare for the career fair, navigate the event, and find the employers that match your career goals. With all the information at your fingertips, you can research employers before approaching them at the fair to make a great first impression!

I'm a first-year student. Should I attend the Career Fair?

Yes, we encourage first-year students to attend the CSE Career Fair to become familiar with the fair and learn about the job and internship resources available to CSE students.

Is there somewhere for me to drop my bag and coat at the career fair?

There will be a bag check, but space is limited. Try to limit what you bring to the career fair. If possible, leave your bag at home and don’t bring valuables with you. Please allow extra time for bag pick-up, as there may be a line.

How can I see what positions are available for the employers at the career fair?

A few weeks before the career fair, log into GoldPASS, search "Career Fairs/Events," and find the "Fall 2018 CSE Career Fair." You can see the individual details for the employers you are interested in meeting. You can also search for positions via the “Job/Internship Search” tab. Visit the GoldPASS website.

In addition, you can download the Fall 2018 CSE Career Fair mobile guide to your smart phone before the career fair to see employer information and requirements. Download the U Minnesota Guidebook app to your device from the app store. Search for and select the guide “Fall 2018 CSE Career Fair.”

Do employers at the CSE Career Fair also host on-campus interviews and events?

Check the "Interview on Campus" and "Career Fairs/Events" tab on the GoldPASS website for the most up-to-date list of employers recruiting on campus after the career fair. Employers will continue to add events throughout the semester.