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About the location

Hong Kong is situated in the heart of Asia at the southern tip of China. Home to over 7.3 million people, Hong Kong is a unique place that has a fast-paced, 21st-century lifestyle interwoven with local traditions and countryside charms. With both Chinese and English as the official languages, Hong Kong is both international and safe. The Hong Kong International Airport is a hub for travel where you can get to anywhere in Asia within four hours.

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) is committed to providing a comprehensive engineering and science education focusing on developing a global perspective. Commonly seen as the historic meeting of East and West, students will gain a unique insight into culture and the global nature of STEM careers. HKUST occupies a stunning 150-acre site overlooking the pristine Clearwater Bay, located on the Sai Kung Peninsula. The area is often considered as one of Hong Kong’s havens for outdoor lovers. With Hong Kong's efficient public transport system, HKUST students are never far from urban areas. A 15-minute bus ride takes students from HKUST to the nearest subway station. 


HKUST is a publicly funded university that opened in 1991. With approximately 15,000 students, it is a leading international research university dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge in science, engineering, business, humanities and social science. Although a young university, HKUST’s achievements are remarkable. It has consistently gained top international rankings, a demonstration of the university’s high academic quality and the global recognition it has achieved.

CSE partners with HKUST's School of Engineering to facilitate exchanges between our two universities. While most of a student's classes should be in the School of Engineering, students can take classes across HKUST's disciplines.

Exchange students take a standard full-time course load of 12-18 credits/semester (HKUST credits transfer back to UMN at a rate of one-to-one). Postgraduate engineering courses may be available with instructor's approval and if prerequisites are met.

*Note that Computer Science courses are not available to exchange students.

Examples of some UMN courses that have equivalents at HKUST and are taught in English:

  • MATH 2243 Linear Algebra and Differential Equations (MATH2350 Applied Linear Algebra and Differential Equations) Typically offered both fall & spring
  • AEM 2021 Statics and Dynamics (MECH2020 Statics and Dynamics)
  • AEM 3031 Deformable Body Mechanics (CIVL2120 Mechanics of Materials  OR  MECH2040 Solid Mechanics I)
  • CEGE 3502 Fluid Mechanics (CIVL2510 Fluid Mechanics)
  • CEGE 4502 Water and Wastewater Treatment (CIVL4460 Process Design of Environmental Engineering Facilities)
  • CHEM 4501 Intro to Thermodynamics (CHEM2410 Physical Chemistry I: Equilibrium Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics)
  • IE 3522 Qual Eng and Reliab (IEDA2200 Engineering Management)
  • IE 4511 Human Factors (IEDA3130 Ergonomics and Safety Management)
  • IE 4011 Stochastic Models (IEDA3250 Stochastic Models (Previous course title: Operations Research II))
  • ME 3331 Thermodynamics (MECH2310 Thermodynamics)
  • ME 3332 Fluid Mechanics (MECH2210 Fluid Mechanics)
  • ME 3333 Heat Transfer (MECH3310 Heat Transfer)

Always double check the updated course availability on HKUST's exchange program webpage.

Courses with passing final grades from CSE exchange partners transfer back to UMN as transfer credit (T). Transfer credit does not affect overall GPA.

You should work with the CSE International Programs team, your academic adviser, and your department to create an academic plan that works for you. Begin your academic planning on CSE Learn Abroad's plan ahead page.

View a sample academic plan that includes study at HKUST.

Housing & Meals

Students should apply for University housing when completing HKUST's online application for the exchange program. As housing in Hong Kong can be extremely expensive, exchange students are highly recommended to apply for University housing. Students will be placed in shared rooms with shared common areas.

Information on University accommodation please refer to the HKUST Student Housing and Residential Life website.

Program Fee

Fall / Spring Semester: $9,100 + $6,675 in estimated additional expenses (Fall 2021/Spring 2022)

Academic Year: $16,750 + $11,275 in estimated additional expenses (Academic Year 2021-2022)

Total costs of participation can be found on the U of M Abroad website.

Most financial aid may be applied to study abroad. University of Minnesota students are eligible for education abroad scholarships. Visit the U of M Abroad Financial Aid and Scholarships pages for more information.


CSE students in good academic standing, sophomores and above.

Academic Calendar

First Semester (Fall Semester): Late August – Mid December* 

Second Semester (Spring Semester): Early February – Late May*

*Note that exchange students may be required to arrive earlier for orientation.

Program dates are subject to change. Contact our office or refer to acceptance materials for arrival information before arranging any flights.     

Visit the HKUST website to learn more about HKUST's Exchange Period.

Application Dates & Deadlines

Interested students must be nominated by CSE prior to formally applying for exchange.

To be nominated, first have a conversation with CSE International Programs about your interest in the program.  Then, email a copy of your passport to cseabroad@umn.edu, stating the program and term you would like to be nominated for.  After your nomination is accepted by the host institution, you will receive instructions on how to complete their application. Students accepted by the host institution will also be prompted to complete the University of Minnesota application and confirmation procedure. 

Seeking nomination from CSE International Programs should be done in advance of the host institution's nomination deadline listed below.

Nomination deadlines:  March 16 (fall & academic year); September 16 (spring)

Application deadlines:  March 31 (fall & academic year); September 30 (spring)

Completion of application early is highly recommended.