CSE in the News—2019

May 2019

Former professor of chemistry John Overend is remembered
Former professor of chemistry John Overend (deceased) is remembered by his daughter Sue Overend Koehler for his links with the artist Hildred Harpin. May 24: The Telegraph and Argus; Craven Herald and Pioneer; Keighley News

Alumnus Keith Butcher will become Princeton Public Utilities' new general manager
Mechanical engineering alumnus Keith Butcher will be the new general manager for Princeton Public Utilites effective May 29th. May 22: Union-Times

Museum of the Moon art installation at Bell Museum
Students studying astrophysics and others will lead tours at Bell Museum moon exhibit commemorating 50th anniversary of Apollo moon landing. May 21: CityPagesMPRNewsWCCORadio; May 22: Minnpost; May 24: Fox9

Expert on Nanoelectronic Computing Leads Team at New Center
The University of Minnesota's Center for Spintronic Materials and InfoRmation Technologies principal investigator, Georgetown's Kai Liu, is profiled about his contributions to the center. May 21: Georgetown University

Registration now open for 25th ACM SIGKDD Conference
Regents Professor of computer science and engineering Vipin Kumar, who is co-chairing the event, peaks to what the conference may offer. May 21: PR Newswire; MorningStar; Finanzen; (85 duplicate articles)

Genetically engineered immune cells fight off deadly virus in mice
University of Minnesota genome engineer Branden Moriarity questions the viability of this treatment on the open market. May 17: Science, The Scientist

The forgotten soviet history of plague eradication
Professor of history of science, technology and medicine Susan Jones is quoted. May 16: The Atlantic

Alumnus Nick Halla will be a panelist at Global Food Security in a Changing Climate
Chemical engineering alumnus Nick Halla will be a panelist at the Global Food Security in a Changing Climate event. May 16: Eventa

Alumnus Todd Loushine announced as a new Forest Lake Area Schools Hall of Fame inductee
Chemical engineering alumnus Todd Loushine is one of seven new members to be inducted into the Forest Lake Area Schools Hall of Fame. May 16: Forest Lake Times

Alumnus Brad Kult is a 2019 40 under 40 
Electrical engineering alumnus Brad Kult is director of technology design and planning services at HGA and works on national projects with the company’s offices around the country. May 16: csemag

Alumnus Timothy S. Nelson appointed to Dermavant Sciences board of directors
Chemical engineering alumnus Timothy S. Nelson appointed to Dermavant Sciences Board of Directors. May 15: AP NewsMorningstar; MarketScreener; Financial Content; FirstWordPharma; May 17: PredictWallStreet; (47 duplicate articles)

A ‘New York Times’ crossword clue weighed in on the Cuban sandwich war.
A 'New York Times' Cubano crossword question, written by University of Minnesota biomedical engineering professor Victor Barocas, highlighted the longtime feud between two Florida cities and the origin of the Cuban sandwich. May 13: Tampa Bay Times

Thanks to U of M, gaseous sea turtle can dive again
Seemore, a sea turtle rescued from the Florida Keys after being hit by a boat propeller was given a backpack prototype by two University of Minnesota students who work with the Earl E. Bakken Medical Devices Center. Davis Fay, a mechanical engineering Ph.D. student, and Tom Skahen, and aerospace engineering undergrad, were able to help the sea turtle resume it's diving capabilities. May 12: Kare 11

'FishDonkey' to change fishing tournaments
University of Minnesota engineering grad Darren Amundson's 'FishDonkey' to change competition fishing. May 11: APG Media of Wisconsin

Cannon Valley Regional Orchestra embraces spring
Cannon Valley Regional Orchestra concert on May 12 featured University of Minnesota mathematics professor Peter Webb as a piano soloist in the Grieg concerto. May 11: Red Wing Republican Eagle

University of Minnesota-Twin Cities' engineering school ranks 27th best in the nation, study finds
In a ranking by U.S. News ranked the University of Minnesota's engineering school tied for 27th of about 200 ranked schools, based upon criteria from 10 indicators. May 11: The Neighbor; SouthernMinn; Mesabi Daily News; Watchdog

Grieving parents plan playground in Mahtomedi
Becky and Craig Markovitz, who received their Ph.D. in biomedical engineering from the University of Minnesota, have raise nearly half of the $100,000 needed to build a community playground in honor of their son, who passed away after being born prematurely. May 11: Star Tribune

How well do electric vehicles perform in our extreme weather?
Associate professor of mechanical engineering at the University of Minnesota, William Northrop, gives his expertise on the subject. May 10: Star Tribune

Boyden features interview with Mike Zelkind, CEO of 80 Acres Farms
Electrical engineering alumnus Mike Zelkind, CEO of 80 Acres Farms, offers insights on leadership and the future of the fast-growing sector of vertical farming. May 8: Morning Star; Benzinga; MarketScreener; May 9: AP News; Fox 40; May 13: Associated Press; Boston Herald; multiple duplicates (about 113 total articles)

Construction giant HOCHTIEF releases video highlighting the future
Newly renovated and state-of-the-art facility Shepherd Labs is featured on how technology and construction overlap. May 7: HOCHTIEF Youtube; HOCHTIEF

Centennial grad takes part in first Bot Shot competition
Matt Tlachac, a computer science undergrad who participated in the 2019 Bot Shot Challenge, speaks about the University of Minnesota Robotics team and the challenge. May 7: PressPubs

Masters of the Turnaround: A New Age of Insurance and Risk Assessment
Kate Stillwell, who received her undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Minnesota and is the founder and CEO of Jumpstart, an expedited natural disaster insurance provider, speaks about her company and Jumpstart's mission. May 7: Medium; Thrive Global;

Sand Country Foundation Hired New Ag Research Leader
Dr. Heidi Peterson, who serves as an Adjunct Assistant Professor for the Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems engineering at the University of Minnesota, was just named as the Vice President of Agricultural Research and Conservation at the Wisconsin-based Sand County Foundation. May 7: Minnesota Ag Connection; Wisconsin Ag Connection; USAgNet

Holloman’s 8th FS graduates first class of F-16 Viper pilots
Captain Robert Ritchie, who obtained his undergraduate degree followed by his Masters of Science in aerospace engineering from the University of Minnesota, is among the new class of F-16 Viper pilots. May 6: Holloman Air Force Base; F-16.net; Air Education and Training Command

Physics breaks down the science behind 10 iconic Marvel scenes
University of Minnesota physics professor Jim Kakalios, who has won an Emmy for his work as a science consultant for his work with superhero flicks, breaks down scenes within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. May 3: Business Insider, Long Room; May 9: Civilized May 11: VidShaker

Finance & Commerce announces Top Projects of 2018
The Bell Museum and Tate Hall are among the building projects mentioned. May 3: Finance & Commerce

Science-focused incubator in St. Paul cuts ribbon on $6.4M expansion
U of M-startups, including CoreBiome, and the University of Minnesota Genomics Center are mentioned. May 2: Twin Cities Pioneer Press

SECUDE appoints Mr. Eric Kang as VP (Technology) in US
Mathematics and computer engineering alumnus Eric Kang has been appointed as Vice President (Technology) and Evangelist for SECUDE IT Security, LLC in the US. May 2: PRLOG; May 3: onlineprnews; spoke; Morningstar; multiple duplicates (about 128 total articles)

2019 J. Stanley and Doris Hill Legacy Award recipient named
Mechanical engineering alumnus Don Craighead has been selected as the 2019 J. Stanley and Doris Hill Legacy Award recipient. May 1: White Bear Press

Minnesota starwatch: Mars gets its last hurrah
The U of MN offers public viewings of the night sky. For TC viewing schedules check out MN Institute for Astrophysics and the Bell Museum Exploradome. May 1: International Falls Journal, MessAge Media

April 2019

Historic number of women elected to National Academy of Sciences
Dr. Daniel Voytas, Director for the Center for Genome Engineering at the University of Minnesota, was also part of the class of 100 new members. April 30: EurekAlert!

20th annual ISQED Conference
Distinguished McKnight Professor and the Henle Chair Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering Sachin Sapatnekar is a panelist. April 29: Fox 40; Fox 34; multiple duplicates (about 13 total articles)

Stillwater Area High School to honor four of its 'distinguished alumni'
Mechanical engineering and bio-engineering alumnus Robert MacDonald III is one of four people named 2019 Distinguished Alumni at Stillwater Area High School. April 28: Twin Cities Pioneer Press

Gorman-Rupp Company Appoints VP and COO
Mechanical engineering alumnus Scott A. King has been appointed Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of the Gorman-Rupp Company. April 26: Marketscreener

Boeing 737 MAX raises concerns over how FAA will ensure safety of autonomous aircraft
Associate professor of aerospace engineering and mechanics Peter Seiler is quoted. April 24: Forbes

Earth's magnetic north pole is moving too fast for experts to keep up. Now scientists might know why.
Professor of earth sciences Justin Revenaugh is quoted. April 23: Business Insider South Africa

The bloom boom: increasing frequency of algal blooms may be due to climate change
Graduate student and researcher in the St. Anthony Falls Laboratory Jackie Taylor is quoted. April 22: Minnesota Daily; April 24: Faribault Daily News

Elusive red sprites, like glowing jellyfish in the night sky, photographed in Oklahoma
University of Minnesota physicist, John R. Winckler, is credited with capturing the first image of the lightning-like electrical discharge high in the atmosphere. April 22: The Seattle Times; Omaha World-Herald; Duluth News-Tribune; April 23: Science AlertMultiple duplicates (about 40 total articles)

3D bioprinted cancer model to test anticancer drugs
Researchers at the University of Minnesota created a new, dynamic 3D bioprinted tumor model that is able to screen anticancer drugs and study the spread of cancer and primary site tumor growth. April 18: NIH

Machine learning accurately classifies age of toddlers based on eye tracking
Researchers in the University of Minnesota, supported by the College of Science and Engineering, have created a machine learning algorithm that has accurately classified the age of toddlers based on eye tracking. April 18: Nature

University of Minnesota faculty to start a conversation surrounding ethics of portable neuroimaging
University of Minnesota physicist, Michael Garwood, on of four UMN researchers to begin discussion of ethics following development of MRI device that is a tenth of size of a typical machine. April 16: Science; Medical Health News; Primetimes

Multidisciplinary study to investigate ancient warming events begins
Part of a 20 researcher team, researchers within the University of Minnesota will help study historical global warming habits, in order to better understand contemporary warming effects. April 16: Newswise

University of Minnesota hosts world's largest medical devices conference April 16-18
The University of Minnesota’s 18th annual Design of Medical Devices Conference (DMD) will be hosted April 16-18 at the Graduate Minneapolis, addressing emerging trends related to medical device design, digital health, policy, engineering, education and commercialization. April 15: UMN

Tel Aviv University Scientists print first 3D heart with patient's own cells and materials
The 2017 UMN biomedical engineering research which created a 3D-bioprinted patch for heart repair is mentioned in the article. April 15: livemint; Centre Daily Times

Alumnus Steve Mertens hired as CTO at NMTC
Alumnus Steve Mertens, B.S. in Chemical Engineering and Master's in Business, hired as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at NeuroOne Medical Technoloties Corporation (NMTC). April 15: Nasdaq; WFMJ; Multiple duplicates (about 111 total articles)

Tande Takes Engineering and Mines Interim Job
University of Minnesota chemical engineering and chemistry graduate, Brian Tande, will be appointed the interim dean of the University of North Dakota College of Engineering & Mines (CEM). April 14: USAgNet; Minnesota Ag Connection;

Fluid Power Assists Rehabilitation Efforts
Researchers from the University of Illinois,Georgia Tech, University of Virginia, and University of Minnesota, working with a grant from the Center for Compact and Efficient Fluid Power, have a device to provide power-assisted methods for improving strength and range of motion in physical therapy. April 14: Machine Design

University of Minnesota among final four contestants in Land O'Lakes Bot Shot competition
Four robotics teams from Midwestern universities competed in the Land O'Lakes "Bot Shot" challenge. A team of four CSE student represented the University of Minnesota, competing for the $10,000 top prize. April 14: Star Tribune; AT&T

Alumnus Brian Tande appointed as interim dean of the University of North Dakota College of Engineering & Mines (CEM)
Alumnus Brian Tande, B.S. in Chemical Engineering and Bachelor of Chemical Engineering (Ph.D., U of Delaware) appointed interim dean of UND CEM. April 14: USAgNet; Minnesota AgConnection

Two CSE entrepreneurial faculty receive Innovation Awards;
The University of Minnesota honored two College of Science and Engineering faculty at the 2019 Innovation Awards. Professor Jian-Ping Wang, who holds the Robert Hartmann Chair in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and directs the newly created SMART Center, will receive the Entrepreneurial Researcher Award. Associate Professor Dan Knights, a computer scientist and quantitative biologist in the College of Biological Sciences and College of Science and Engineering, was part of the team of inventors behind the start-up CoreBiome, which will receive the Committee's Choice Award. April 11: UMN

Rochester Engineering Society to honor 9 local standouts
Structural engineer and University of Minnesota graduate, James Kaniecki, to be named and Engineer of Distinction at the 117th RES Gala. April 11: Rochester Business Journal

Alumnus Dr. Patrick Gruber Awarded the Millson Award for Invention
Alumnus Dr. Patrick Gruber, who received his Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of Minnesota, has been named the recipient of the AATCC (American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists) Henry E. Millson award for Invention. April 12: Star TribuneBoston HeraldMorningstar; (multiple duplicates, about 95 total articles)

Boeing's 737 Max failure
Failure of Boeing's 737 anti-stalling system in Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines jetliners prompts discussion of what went wrong. Associate professor in the University of Minnesota Department of Aerospace Engineering, Peter Seiler, weighs in. April 6: Yahoo! News; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel; MSN; April 8: USA Today Multiple duplicates (about 25 total articles)

Study lends insight to new river management methods
Study conducted at the St. Anthony Fall Laboratory Outdoor StreamLab show link between flow & sediment management and vegetation. April 4: Frontiers

Production of "Marjorie Prime" to feature post-show talks
University of Minnesota Department of Computer Science Professor Maria Gini to lead April 28 post show-discussion on central theme at Park Square Theatre. April 4: Broadway World

Getting ahead of heat stress
Heat stress causes problems in dairy production. Kevin Janni, an extension engineer at the University of Minnesota outlines how to combat this phenomenon. April 3: Progressive Dairyman

3-D printed transparent skull provides a window to the brain
Researchers at the University of Minnesota in the Department of Mechanical Engineering 3D-printed skull implant for mice that allows for the study of the entire brain surface in real time. April 2: UMN NewsNewswiseEurekAlert!Bright Surf; Bioengineer.org; Scienmag; Nature; MedicalXpressTech Site; Health News Digest; Infowars; R&D; 3D Printing Media Network; MINNEINNO; Daily Heralds; Centre Daily Times; News Live TV; The Medical News; April 3: MedIndia, Medicine News Line; Before It's News; Tech Networks; RCA of BC; IFL Science; 3Ders.org; Navva; International Society of Bionic Engineering; Tunis Daily News; DOTmed; Recipe.Ru; DrugNews; True Viral News; Tech2; April 4: 3Druck; Science and Tech Research News; Med Product Outsourcing; Genetic Engineering & Biotech News; Science Alert; Science Alert; April 5: EeDesignIt; Interesting Engineering; April 6: Canadian Homesteading; April 7: MN Daily; April 8: Electronic Component News; BrinkwireThe Norman Gazette; April 10: Big Ten Network; May 13: 3D Print

Air pollution caused by corn production increases mortality rate in the United Sates, study says
Researchers within CSE, CFANS and CBS at the University of Minnesota have estimated the health damages caused my corn production for the first time. April 1: EurekAlert!; National Public Radio (NPR); Minnesota Public RadioBright Surf; Bioengineer.org; Scienmag; Nature; ScienceDaily; KUWOWUGA; Southern California Public RadioTexas Public RadioWisconsin Public Radio; Boise State Public Radio; New Hampshire Public RadioJefferson Public Radio; Peoria Public Radio; Northeast Public RadioKLCC; KCUR; Health Medicine Network; April 2: MedIndia; WABE; Drug News; Brownfield Ag News; April 3: Medical Daily; APG Media of Wisconsin; Anthropocene; April 4: Popular Science; April 5: The Weather Channel; April 7: AT&T; April 8: City Pages; The Vision Times; Indiana Public Media; April 11: The Farmer; April 17: worldenvironment; zmescience (multiple duplicates, about 70 total articles) 

March 2019

University of Minnesota professor honored as a 2019 Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI) Fellow
Dr. Art Shultz, a professor within the Department of Civil, Engineering and Geo-Engineering, honored at 2019 PCI Convention. March 28: CSIEngineeringMag

Central Lake College to feature University of Minnesota physics and astrophysics senior in "Cultural Thursday" talk
Meg Foster, a senior in the University of Minnesota's College of Science and Engineering who spent time living amongst, interacting and interviewing Russian locals during an independently organized study abroad experience. She tells her story and the story of many Russians on April 4th in the Chalberg Theatre at CLC in Brainerd, Minnesota. March 28: Brainerd Dispatch

Dr. Christopher Yip selected to be dean of the University of Toronto's Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering
Yip, who received his Ph.d. in chemical Engineering from the University of Minnesota, will begin a five year term starting in July 2019. March 28: University of Toronto; Education News Canada

Seminar promotes awareness of water security issues in Panama
12 students and two professors in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Minnesota took a spring break excursion to Panama, in order to test water quality and more. March 28: Minnesota Daily

Mixed feelings on nitrate pollution study
A new in-depth study on nitrate levels and agriculture pollution in Southeast Minnesota garners mixed reviews. Dr. Calvin Alexander, a University of Minnesota Professor in Earth Sciences, is quoted. March 27: Winona Post

Highlighting the accomplishments of women in STEM
The College of Science and Engineering recently held a Women of STEM Wikithon, in conjunction to International Women's Day, where participants worked to update the Wikipedia pages of women in science, technology, engineering or mathematics. March 26: Inquiry, UMN

This UMN student's robot hates geese as much as you
Jack Kilian, an electrical engineering graduate student at the University of Minnesota, built a robot that utilizes sensors to recognize and chase geese off the lawn of a Wayzata Bay home. March 25: Twin Cities Business

University of Minnesota Alumni and Circadance's Laura Lee to present at InfoSec World 2019
Executive Vice President at Rapid Prototyping, award-winning cyber professional and University of Minnesota Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics alumni Laura Lee will present a this years InfoSec World Conference about hiring a modern cybersecurity workforce. March 25: PRLog

The University of Minnesota and Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. have announced biopharma partnership
The BioTechnology Institute (BTI) has partnered with the Tokyo-based pharmaceutical company to provide advance training. March 25: USAgNet; Minnesota Ag Connection

Most precise measurement of sickle cell disease building blocks could lead to new treatments
Researchers in the University of Minnesota Department of Biomedical Engineering recently discovered the molecular development of the disease is slower than previously recorded, meaning that lower doses of drug treatments could be effective in combatting symptoms. March 25: Minnesota Daily March 28: NewswiseEurekAlert!; Bright Surf; Bioengineer.org; Scienmag; Tech Site; MedicalXpress; ScienceDaily; The Medical News; March 29: BioPortfolio; Health Medicine Network; April 22: MultiBriefs

New graphene-base machine is first step towards ultra-sensitive biosensors
Researchers in the University of Minnesota College of Science and Engineering a unique graphene-based device that provides a vital first-step towards ultra-sensitive biosensors that will be capable of detecting diseases at a molecular level with near-perfect efficiency. March 23: Inforsurhoy

With the emergence of a new 'super-app,' Facebook and Tencent "pivot to privacy"
University of Minnesota mathematics professor Andrew Odlyzko's essay titled "Cybersecurity is not very important" is quoted, giving context to the large holdings of data that will be channeled through the super-app. March 20: Fortune

Using robotics to tell ag's story
University of Minnesota robotics team is one of seven to compete in Land O'Lakes Bot Shot challenge during the NCAA Final Four Basketball Championship in early April. March 19: FarmProgress

UMN to lead $9.7 million NIH grant to improve hearing restoration
Associate professor of biomedical engineering Hubert Lim is the lead PI on this grant to develop a new implantable device and surgical procedure to restore more natural hearing to people who are deaf or severely hard-of-hearing. March 19: EurekAlert!; UMN Medical School; Newswise March 21: Hearing News March 22: Star Tribune; Idaho State Journal; Pittsburgh Press-Gazettemultiple duplicates (about 100 additional articles).

Orchard Therapeutics appoints Ran Zheng as Chief Technical Officer
Ran Zheng, a University of Minnesota M.S. graduate in Microbial Engineering and Chemical Engineering, was appointed to the newly created Chief Technical Officer position and Orchard Therapeutics. March 18: Boston Herald; Spoke; Pilot News; Financial Content; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette; International Business Timesmultiple duplicates (about 90 additional articles).

Prescription costs an issue with many factors and long history
Associate professor of history of science, technology and medicine Dominique Tobbell is quoted. March 17: Inforum

Aerospace engineer takes civility to court at UMN
Professor of aerospace engineering and mechanics Ellad Tadmor runs a program called Science Court in which students study societal issues. March 15: StarTribune

Workshop on the hydro-meteorological monitoring and watershed management underway
A two-day training and workshop held March 15-16 at the Resource Centre, Ruzaphema, Dimapur organized by the Land Resources Dept. in collaboration withe the University of Minnesota and Mississippi Watershed Management Organization. March 15: Eastern Mirror; Nagaland; March 16: Nagaland

International politics of gut health
A recent study by University of Minnesota researchers on gut bacteria, or microbiome, of Asian populations is discussed. March 14: Scientific American

Alchemie snags NSF grant to develop AR tools for teaching chemistry
Alchemie has been testing an AR tool called ModelAR for general chemistry courseware at the University of Minnesota. March 14: Xconomy

A novel approach for treating inflammatory arthritis
Researchers at UMN, with researchers at Medtronic, have shown that noninvasive daily ultrasound stimulation of the spleen in mice with inflammatory arthritis resulted in significantly less joint swelling. March 13: Newswise;  March 14: bioengineering; brightsurf; EurekAlert; March 15: Medicine news line; news-medical; DOTmed

'Self-forming' waterfalls could change our understanding of earth's history
Assistant professor of earth sciences Andrew Wickert reviewed the paper and is quoted. March 13: F3NewsGizmodoremonewsvaajuVIPortal; March 14: msn; Gizmodo Australia; Gizmodo UK;

Sustainable polymers: plastics with potential
Professor of chemistry and director of the Center for Sustainable Polymers Mark Hillmyer is quoted. March 13: E&T

PCI Elects New Chairman and Board Members
Professor of civil, environmental and geo-engineering Art Schultz is honored by the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute as a 2019 PCI Fellow. March 13: Building Enclosure;

Study: racial gap between who causes air pollution and who breathes it
Associate professor of CFANS/bioproducts and biosystems Jason Hill led the study. March 11: appAssociated PressBustleColoradoan; Daily American; EcoWatchHerald Times Reporter; Naples Daily NewsNew ScientistNPR; Independent; Washington Post; Daily Beast; Seattle Times; Stevens Point Journal;  USA Today; Visalia Times DeltaReuters; Wausau Daily Herald; Wisconsin State Farmer; March 12: Centre Daily TimesColor Lines; MetroBreitbart; Columbian; Global Citizen; The Atlanta; WABE March 13: Moguldom; Futurity; ktrh.iheart99.5 WRNO.iheart; wjbo.iheart; Viral News Pedia; Prison Planet; YubaNet; March 14: CGTN; Asia Pacific Daily; March 15: theanswerhawaii; am1460; am570theanswer; Atlanta Black Starmultiple duplicates; March 23: Inforsurhoy; April 8: UNM Newsroom; April 11: Traderzone NetworkZero Hedge; April 12: Prison Planet; April 22: JBHE

8 facts about excited delirium syndrome (ExDs) we learned in 2018
Adjunct professor in biomedical engineering Mark Kroll co-authors article. March 11: Police One

Researchers develop a tool to probe plastics' behavior down to the molecular scale
Professor of chemical engineering and materials science Timothy Lodge wrote a commentary about Princeton researchers' work. March 11: Phys.org; March 13: Laboratory Equipment

'Wikithon' highlights unsung UMN women scientists
Professor of physics and astronomy Marvin Marshak is quoted. March 10: Minnesota Daily

Algae applications could lead to a greener future
Professor of CFANS/bioproducts and biosystems Shri Ramaswamy, director of graduate studies in bioproducts and biosystems Brett Barney, and associate professor of CFANS/bioproducts and biosystems Bo Hu  are quoted. March 8: Minnesota Daily

Physicists explain Mortal Kombat's gruesome fatalities
James Kakalios professor of physics and astronomy is quoted. March 7: gameinformer

New Graphene-based device is first step toward ultrasensitive biosensors
UMN CSE researchers have developed a new device using graphene that provides the first step toward ultrasensitive biosensors. Electrical and computer engineering Professor Sang-Hyun Oh is the lead researcher. March 7: Bioengineer; BioPortfolio; BrightSurf; EurekAlert!Health Medicine Network; nanowerknewswisePhys.org; Remonews; ScienceDailyTechsite; Vaaju; 7thSpace; March 8: ein007IConnect007; nano magazineScience & Technology; March 11: Electronic Component NewsNews Live TV; R&D Magazine; March 12: Science360; Materials Today; March 13: National Science Foundation; March 14: printedelectronicsworld

DeepMind is asking how Google helped turn the internet into an echo chamber
Associate dean for research in the college of science and engineering Joseph Konstan is quoted. March 7: MIT Technology Review

Sharing economy goes mainstream as IPOs loom
Director of UMN's Initiative on the Sharing Economy Saif Benjaafar is quoted. March 5: Yahoo! News; Daily Mail; March 6: France24

Weighing galactic wind provides clues to evolution of galaxies
Professor of astrophysics Terry Jones is lead researcher for this study. March 5: NASA; March 6: Interesting Engineering

Kohima Science College Jotsoma to host international symposium March 12-14
Assistant professor of bioproducts and biosystems engineering Joseph Magner will be a resource person of the program. March 5: MorungExpress

One of MnDOT'S oldest snowblowers keeps on churning
Assistant professor of civil, environmental and geo-engineering Alireza Khani set up cameras at Snelling and University and presented findings to Ramsey County Regional Railroad Authority. March 3: StarTribune

February 2019

Expanding job market spurs new environmental geosciences major 
Associate dean for research in the college of science and engineering Joseph Konstan is quoted. Feb. 28: Minnesota Daily

Expanding job market spurs new environmental geosciences major 
Director of undergraduate studies and associate professor of Earth Sciences Josh Feinberg is quoted. Feb. 28: Minnesota Daily

20th ISQED Conference, March 6th - 7th
Distinguished McKnight and Henle Chair professor in electrical and computer engineering Sachin Sapatnekar will be a featured panelist. Feb. 27: CBS8; The Daily Telescope and 21 duplicates

March madness: daylight savings, full moon into spring 
The Bell Museum Exploradome offers public viewings of the night sky. Feb. 27: International Falls Journal

Lessons from IBM for Google, Amazon and Facebook 
Senior research fellow at Charles Babbage Institute James Cortada is author of this article. Feb. 25: The Conversation

UMN looks to revamp longstanding lib ed requirements 
Professor of history of science, technology, and medicine and chair of the provost's liberal education redesign committee Sally Kohlstedt is quoted. Feb. 24: Minnesota Daily

Travelers Disrupting Distraction Symposium: Over 70 percent of Minneapolis-area drivers surveyed use phones behind the wheel 
The College of Science and Engineering's HumanFIRST Lab for this luncheon program exploring the latest data and research around distracted driving. Feb. 21: HeraldcourierFox40; Wow!; GVTC; Stockwatch; Fox21; 107.7; Oldies 97.7; ValleysCW; Telemundolubbock; ForwardGeek; Toshiba Start; Businesswire.sys-con; Feb. 27: Insurance Journal; 92 duplicate stories

UMN president is commencement speaker for UMN Morris
President Eric W. Kaler will serve as 2019 Commencement speaker at UMN Morris on May 18. Feb. 20: Stevens County Times 

UMN researchers use stalagmites to gauge climate change
Regents professor in earth sciences Larry Edwards is quoted. He uses stalagmites as indicators of climate change in his research. Feb. 20: MNdaily

Online physics courses you can take for free
UMN via Coursera offers the introductory physical chemistry course Statistical Molecular Thermodynamics. Feb. 15: Class-central

UMN explores the future of nanotechnology in medicine
Research from the department of electrical and computer engineering focuses on using nanotechnology. Professors Rhonda Franklin and Bethanie Stadler are quoted. Feb. 15: MNDaily

'Forever' chemicals leave costly water problem in Bemidji, cities across the country
Professor of civil, environmental and geo-engineering Bill Arnold, who has done extensive research on PFAS, is quoted. Feb. 14: MPRnews

Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration Highlight the Fall CCEFP Summit
Professors Tom Chase, Tequila Harris, Perry Li, Ashlie Martini, Paul Michael, Eric Severson, Kim Stelson, James Van de Ven, and new CCEFP Director Zongxuan Sun attended the event last October. Feb. 14: Fluidpowerjournal

Partnership sending UMN members to African math institute
Peter Olver, head of the Department of Mathematics in CSE on the Twin Cities campus, and Molly Portz, assistant dean of Global Programs and Strategy Alliance, are quoted. Feb. 13: The Minnesota Daily; Feb. 19: JBHE

BioEngineering, BioDetection and BioSensors Conference April 1st-2nd, 2019
Associate professor in mechanical engineering Michael McAlpine will make a keynote presentation. Feb. 12: WebsiteGear; Feb. 19: Technology Today; and 63 similar sites

The remarkable diversity of hot springs on the bottom of Yellowstone Lake
UMN researchers Andrew Fowler, Chunyang Tan, and William Seyfried, were involved in a large multidisciplinary project called the Hydrothermal Dynamics of Yellowstone Lake (HD_YLAKE). Feb. 11: USGS; Feb. 12: Express

UMN researchers 3D bio-print a model that could lead to improved anticancer drugs and treatments
UMN medical researchers and engineers have developed a way to study cancer cells which could lead to new and improved treatment. Feb. 11: AZoM.com: Materials InformationBrightSurfEurekAlert!Medical Xpress; Medicine news lineNewswiseScienceDaily; Scienmag7thSpace; Feb. 12: Health Medicine NetworkThe Medical News; Medicine news line; Feb. 13: 3ders; DrugnewsMedicalnewserMedindia; Feb. 13: 3druck

Transforming Fluid Power Systems through Collaboration
Zongxuan Sun, Director of Center for Compact and Efficient Fluid Power, Department of Mechanical Engineering authors article. Feb. 11: FluidPowerJournal

Minnesota Starwatch: Second supermoon arises this February
Professor of astrophysics Robert Gehrz is quoted. Public viewings of the night sky offered at Minnesota Institute of Astrophysics and Bell Museum Exploradome. Feb. 6: Winona Post; Feb. 8: Pine City Pioneer

UMN regents approve $2k engineering surcharge
The Board of Regents agreed to adopt a College of Science and Engineering surcharge of $2,000 per year. Feb. 7: TwinCities Pioneer Press; Feb. 8: MNdaily

Citizen science projects have a surprising new partner - the computer
Professor of physics and astronomy Lucy Fortson, and recent graduate in master's program in data science Marco Willi, are working to integrate machine learning techniques. Feb. 6: Bioengineer; BrightSurf; Phys.Org; NewswiseScience MagazineScience Daily; Science360Techristic;  Feb. 7: UCNews; Glocalist; EurekAlert!; R&D; Cenredailytimes; Daily Herald; NewsLive; Feb. 8: MinnesotaAgconnection; USAgNet; Feb. 9: Interesting Engineering

10 beloved sci-fi shows that experts say got science wrong
Professor of physics and astronomy James Kakolios is quoted. Feb. 4: Insider; Feb 6: Business Insider Nordic; Business Insider SingaporeThis Is Insider; Feb. 7: Business Insider Australia

UMN startup Vascudyne's new organic material to replace artificial tissue for heart surgery
UMN Technology Commercialization's startup Vasudyne Inc., based in Stillwater, Minn., has developed an innovative living tissue made from skin cells to replace artificial tissue for safer cardiovascular surgeries. Feb. 6: Compelo

Sustainable Bioenergy from Native Prairie on Abandoned Ag Land
Post-doctoral associate in bioproducts and biosystems engineering Yi Yang is lead author of the study and is quoted. Feb. 6: USAgNet

Student scientists earn scholarships to national biodiesel conference
Student in bioproducts and biosystems engineering Kelly Martichuski is quoted. Feb. 4: PressReleasePoint; Feb. 6: FuelsMarketNews

Punishments scrapped from pronoun policy
Associate dean and professor in computer science and engineering Joseph Konstan is quoted. Feb. 3: Minnesota Daily

ONY hosting technical forum with Mark Hillmyer
McKnight presidential endowed chair in the department of chemistry Marc Hillmyer will give a tecnhical lecture on sustainable polymers. Feb. 1: Lima Ohio; Feb. 4: AdaIcon

January 2019

Minnesota starwatch for February 2019
Professor of astrophysics Robert Gehrz is quoted. Public viewings of the night sky offered at Minnesota Institute of Astrophysics and Bell Museum Exploradome. Jan. 26: Austin  Daily Herald; Jan. 30: Southernminn; Jan. 31: Tri-County News; WDIO; MilleLacsMessenger

Driverless vehicles and the future of smart mobility
Professor in mechanical engineering Max Donath, director of Intelligent Transportation Systems Institute and the Roadway Safety Institute in the Center for Transportation Studies, is interviewed. Jan. 31: Fox9

With higher ed costs rising, libraries offer free textbooks
Assistant professor of mathematics Mike Weimerskirch says his class cost and withdrawal rate plummeted after switching to an online video textbook. Jan. 30: Minnesota Daily

Sustainable bioenergy from native prairies on abandoned agricultural lands
Researcher in bioproducts and biosystems engineering is quoted. Jan. 29: Phys

Mason awardees display benefits of outsider perspectives
Assistant professor of chemical engineering and materials science Vivian Ferry combines nanocrystal chemistry and nanoscale optics to study light-matter interactions in materials. Jan. 25: ScienceMag

Experts see bright future for electrical, solar car
Professor in electrical and computer engineering Ned Mohan is quoted. Jan. 24: Finance & Commerce

MN Ag Expo, Connects All Industry Members
Professor in chemistry Thomas Hoye is quoted. Jan. 23: KEYC

Chemistry preprints pick up steam
Vice president for research Christopher Cramer has experienced the benefits of preprints and sharing research before publication. Jan. 19: C&EN

UMN Physics Department puts on a show
The Physics Force uses a high-energy approach to show younger students that physics is fun, interesting and understandable. Jan. 16: KSTP TV; Jan. 17: USAgNet

Stopping the Spread of Cancer Cells
Associate professor of biomedical engineering Paolo Provenzano, supported by the Randy Shave Cancer Fund, has discovered a way to stop cancer cells from moving and spreading. Jan. 16: KARE 11

Sociophysics could change the future of astrology
Associate professor of computer science Stephen Guy provides research on sociophysics and how human conduct and particle systems can be understood. Jan. 11: Thought Catalog

Webinar on GNSS Jamming and Crowd Sourcing Detection and GeoLocation
Professor of Aerospace engineering Demoz Gebre-Egziabher will be the moderator of the webinar. Jan. 10: Inside GNSS

How to strengthen safety in the lab
Assistant professor of chemistry Ian Tonks discusses the emphasis on safety procedures in the lab. Jan. 9: Science Magazine

Driveway sealants pollute Minnesota ponds
Professor of Civil, Environmental, and Geo-Engineering Raymond Hozalski researches sediment from stormwater ponds to track carcinogenic chemicals known as PAHs. Jan. 8: MPRNEWS; Northfield News; Jan. 14: MiddletownPressFresno BeeThe HeraldThe Tribune; Argus-Press;The Eagle; New Haven RegisterTri-City HeraldHastings Tribune; Jan. 16: Insurance Journal

UMN spinoff CoreBiome sold to Pennsylvania company
Associate professor of BioTechnology Institute Dan Knights leads CoreBiome and co-founded the company two years ago. Jan. 4: Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal; StarTribune; Philadelphia Inquirer; MinneInno; Jan. 31 MinneInno

Can recycling market find a second life?
Professor of chemistry and director of the Center for Sustainable Polymers Mark Hillmyer researches plastics that would decompose in the ocean. Jan. 3 Houston Chronicle; Jan. 11: Click2Houston

New Course Confronts Polarization
Professor of aerospace engineering and mechanics Ellad Tadmor creates Science Court, to investigate polarizing issues with reasoned, scientifically based presentations. Jan. 2: Minnesota Ag Connection