CSE in the News—2021

April 2021

CINDE: What fuels medical devices leadership in Costa Rica?
UMN's master's program in medical device engineering and its alliance with Tecnológico de Costa Rica are mentioned. April 15: Fat Pitch Financials;

How many tyrannosaurus rexes ever lived on earth? Here’s a new clue.
CSE professor in earth and environmental sciences, Peter Makovicky, is quoted. April 15: New York Times;

The Discovery Files - 'Carbon Copy Studies' - This week's episode
CSE professor in earth and environmental sciences, Marc Hirschmann, was part of a first study and led a second study. April 2:  EurekAlert!; April 15: National Science Foundation; NSF Grants: GEONSF Grants: MPS; NSF Grants: MPS #2;

Form DEF 14A Sensata Technologies For: May 27
CSE Dean's Advisory Board member, and director of Sensata Technologies, James E. Heppelmann, is featured. April 15: StreetInsider;

R&D: Rotated read head design for high-density heat-assisted shingled magnetic recording
CSE professor in electrical and computer engineering, Randall Victora, and research assistant Wei-Heng Hsu, both in the Center for Micromagnetics and Information Technologies, authored article. April 15: StorageNewsletter;

Form DEF 14A MaxLinear Inc For: May 12
UMN alumnus in electrical engineering, Michael Bollesen, has served as Vice President, Sales, at MaxLinear, Inc., since July 2018. April 13: StreetInsider;

Form DEF 14A Bellerophon Therapeutics For: Apr 13
UMN alumnus (Ph.D. in physics), Ted Wang, has served as a member of the Board at Bellerophon Therapeutics, Inc., since November 2017. April 13: StreetInsider;

Meet Yota Palli, candidate for Council Rock School Board
UMN alumna in mathematics and candidate for Council Rock School Board, Yota Palli, is featured. April 12: Pennsylvania Patch;

H&S Manufacturing has remained nimble to keep up with specialty crop needs
UMN alumnus in civil engineering, Darin Adolphson, has helped lead H&S Manufacturing, Inc., since 2017. April 12: AGWeekThe Dickinson PressDuluth News Tribune; The GlobeGrand Forks HeraldInforum; Jamestown SunMitchell Republic; Pine JournalPost Bulletin; Superior Telegram; Wadena Pioneer JournalWest Central Tribune;

Form S-1/A SkyWater Technology
UMN CSE Dean’s Advisory Board member and alumnus in mechanical engineering, Gary J. Obermiller, is mentioned. April 12: StreetInsider;

This week in geek (4/12/21–4/18/21)
CSE Ph.D. student in astrophysics, Laura Salo, will be the guest speaker at the April Virtual Star Party. April 11: Twin Cities Geek;

Recent findings in manufacturing described by researchers from University of Minnesota 
UMN research on the values of vehicle-to-grid electricity selling is featured. Assistant professor in industrial systems engineering, Yiling Zhang, is mentioned. April 10: Energy Central;

Form 424B3 Hartman vREIT XXI, Inc.
UMN alumnus in chemical engineering and one of the independent directors at Hartman vREIT XXI, Inc.John G. Ostroot, is mentioned. April 9: StreetInsider;

'Somewhere between insane and suicidal': Scientists warn against dangerous TikTok trend 
Former UMN vice president for research and former CSE associate dean, who is currently a Fellow of the American Chemical Society, Chris Cramer, is interviewed. April 9: Daily Mail;

This newly discovered dinosaur is called ‘the one who causes fear’ for a reason
CSE professor in earth and environmental sciences, Peter Makovicky, is quoted. April 8: Popular Science;

These technologies are speeding COVID-19 vaccines to market
UMN alumnus in engineering and business, Ben Arriola, and UMN alumnus in chemistry and chemical engineering, Zach Blum, are featured. April 8: Pharmaceutical Processing World;

North of Two: 'Water Watchers,' and resource status
UMN alumnus in civil engineering, Dick Nachbar, authors the March 31, 2021, journal entry in this article. April 8: International Falls Journal;

Starting a sound & straightforward safety program
UMN alumnus in mechanical engineering, and product safety and compliance manager at Doosan Bobcat, Chris Fosland, authors article. April 8: Construction Business Owner;

Muon’s escalating challenge to the standard model
CSE professor in physics and astronomy, Priscilla Cushman, authors article. April: 7: Physics Magazine;

Researchers create lab-made heart valves that grow with patient
UMN CSE and Medical School research on lab-created heart valves is featured. Senior researcher and professor in biomedical engineering and chemical engineering and materials science, Robert Tranquillo, is interviewed. April 6: BioMedWire; Chase County Leader NewsInvestors HangoutMiddle East North African NetworkStreetInsider;

Form DEFR14A Lifeloc Technologies
UMN alumnus (Ph.D. in chemical engineering ) Wayne Willkomm has been elected as a director at Lifeloc Technologies. April 6: StreetInsider;

Unique mini-microscope provides insight into complex brain functions
UMN CSE and Medical School researchers have developed the mini-MScope, a unique head-mounted mini-microscope for studying neural activity. Assistant professor in mechanical engineering, Suhasa Kodandaramaiah; Ph.D. candidate, Mathew Rynes; and recent master’s degree graduate, Daniel Surinach, are quoted. April 5: 7th SpaceEurekAlert!; FirstWord Med Tech; The Medical NewsMedical Xpress; Newswise; Science CodexScienceDailyScienmag; Sortiwa; April 6: 365 WellnessAZO Life SciencesTechnology Times; April 7: Fabiola FashionGenetic Engineering and Biotechnology News; HFacultyTechnology.Org; April 9: Wiley Analytical Science; April 12: DoveMed;

Vyant Bio Announces Newly Appointed Board of Directors
Senior Fellow with UMN's Technological Leadership Institute, Paul Hansen, has been appointed to the Board of Directors of Vyant Bio. April 5: BakersfieldBioMedReportsBiospaceBiotech Gate; Daily JournalEIN Presswire; Fine GlobeFirst Word Pharma; Forex TVMarket Watch; myMotherLodeNewsROmaha World HeraldSpoke; StockhouseStockwatch; Yahoo! Finance;

Ancient kauri trees capture last collapse of Earth’s magnetic field
CSE professor in earth and environmental sciences, Lawrence Edwards, is quoted. April 4: Bioterra; Blogarama;

Business people: education
UMN's Technological Leadership Institute announced the appointment of professor in mechanical engineering, Allison Hubel, as director. April 4: Pioneer Press;

CLA students petition for college to explore in-person graduation options
UMN College of Science and Engineering departments will host in-person celebrations for their graduates. April 4: Minnesota Daily;

Earth’s carbon could have arrived later in its formation from the space between stars
CSE professor in earth and environmental sciences, Marc Hirschmann, who was part of a first study and led a second study, is quoted. April 2: EurekAlert!IFL Science; Nanowerk; Science DailyScience MagazineSpace Daily; Space Today; Vaaju;  UPI; April 3: EurasiadiaryA Magical Journey; MyScience; Science Springs; April 5: Ideas, Innovations and InnovationsScience Blog; April 6: Astrobiology Web; Centauri Dreams(26 related articles)

6 expert-approved ways to lose belly fat
CSE associate professor in the Biotechnology Institute, Dan Knights, is interviewed. April 2: Redbook; Yahoo! LifeYahoo! NewsYahoo! Singapore; Yahoo! Style;

The bill is long overdue to fix US infrastructure
UMN's engineering department reported in 2001 that cracks were beginning to develop in the I-35 bridge cross girders. April 2: Herald Mail Media;

Home is where the heart (valve) is
UMN CSE and Medical School research on lab-created heart valves is featured. Senior researcher and professor in biomedical engineering and chemical engineering and materials science, Robert Tranquillo, is interviewed. April 1: Medical Product Outsourcing;

New study introduces ultraflat sub-10 nanometer gap electrodes for two-dimensional optoelectronic devices
UMN Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering researchers and Professor Seon Namgung (Department of Physics, UNIST) jointly led the study. April 1: Mirage News;

March 2021

U of M Study recommendations on conserving threatened groundwater
UMN research and assistant professor in earth and environmental sciences, Peter Kang, who is the study's author, are mentioned. March 31: Minnesota Ag Connection;

Air Purifier Company is donating $1.5 million worth of its devices to small businesses looking to improve indoor air quality
UMN research that found Molekule’s devices inactivate 99.9% of the H1N1 flu virus and coronavirus strains is mentioned. March 31: Forbes;

Navneet Kapoor joins Maersk Executive Board
UMN alumnus (Ph.D. in chemical engineering and an M.S. in electrical engineering), Navneet Kapoor, is the Chief Technology & Information Officer at A.P. Moller – Maersk and has been appointed to the company's executive board. March 30: Avanza Bank (Swedish); Daily Shipping Times; Dagins IndustriExpress Computer; Globe NewswireHindu Business Line; MarketScreenerRISI Technology Channels; Sea News; StreetInsiderWall Street Online (German); Yahoo! Finance; Yahoo! Finance (United Kingdom); Yahoo!7 Finance (Australia); March 31: Cargo ConnectCyprus Shipping NewsDanmark Transport - Tidnde (Danish); Helenic Shipping News WorldwideShipInsight; (21 duplicate articles)

UMN-developed synthetic heart valve shows promise after growing with several animal recipients
CSE professor in biomedical engineering, Robert Tranquillo; researcher in biomedical engineering, Zeeshan Syedai; and professor in the Medical School, Richard Bianco, are quoted. March 29: Minnesota Daily;

Which superhero should we call if the Suez Canal gets plugged again? A Minnesota professor weighs in.
CSE professor in physics and astronomy, James Kakalios, is interviewed. March 29: StarTribune;

UI School of Music keeps live music-making possible with strict COVID-19 protocols
UMN CSE 2021 study, Aerosol generation from different wind instruments, is mentioned. March 29: Daily Iowan;

LMCD voices opposition to wakesurf legislation
UMN St. Anthony Falls Lab study measuring the effects of wakes and prop wash on shoreline and lake bottoms is mentioned. March 29: Lake Pioneer;

Why smaller air purifiers could be a 'reasonable option' in coronavirus fight
UMN research led by professor in mechanical engineering, Chris Hogan, is featured. Professor Hogan is interviewed. March 28: Daily RepublicDuluth News Tribune; Grand Forks HeraldInforum; Jamestown SunPost Bulletin; West Central Tribune;

St. Anthony: Once-wilting Gevo shuttered its Minnesota operation, but sprouts new life
UMN alumnus who received an M.B.A. and Ph.D. in chemistry, Patrick Gruber, is interviewed. Gruber has been Gevo’s CEO since 2007. March 26: StarTribune; Yahoo! News;

New study looks at ideal placement of air purifiers
UMN Department of Mechanical Engineering research on the efficacy of air purifiers in achieving ventilation rates is featured. March 26: HVAC&RNews (Australia);

Advocacy group prefers science before regulation when it comes to wake boats
UMN St. Anthony Falls laboratory research on wake boat effects is mentioned. March 24: White Bear Press;

These 7 mind tech applications will change how you see the future
UMN research on neurotechnology led by professor in biomedical engineering, Bin He, is featured. Professor He and research team members are interviewed in the video Mind Over Mechanics. March 24: Medium;

Twin Cities hit hard by spike in catalytic converter thefts
CSE professor in chemical engineering and materials science, Paul Dauenhauer, is quoted. March 23: Axios; Yahoo! News; March 25: Bioreports;

Computational acceleration of novel organic electronic materials development
UMN alumnus who received a Ph.D. in chemical engineering, Shaun Kwak, is Sr. Principal Scientist and the Global Materials Applications Lead at Schrödinger and will speak at upcoming webinar. March 23: Chemistry World;

Vice President for Research Chris Cramer announces departure from University
UMN vice president for research and former CSE associate dean, Chris Cramer, will leave his position in June to join Underwriters Laboratories (UL). March 22: Minnesota Daily;

Molecular opens an experiential exhibition space in the editorial shop Stroll
UMN College of Science and Engineering and College of Veterinary Medicine research on air purification is mentioned. March 22: Energy Daily (Korean); HG Times (Korean); Inch Eon News (Korean); Kyeonggi (Korean); Newsgn (Korean); Newswire (Korean); Sobi Life (Korean); SPOT TV (Korean); Stnsports (Korean); Tip Tip News (Korean); (103 duplicate articles)

Celsius strengthens its executive leadership team with key hires from big banking
UMN alumnus in transportation engineering, Vijay Konduru, will join Celsius as Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Analytics. March 22: AiTHORITY;

Winner named for third annual NFL Big Data Bowl powered by AWS
UMN student working on a master's degree in data science, Sam Walczak, is part of the analytics team that won the NFL's 'Big Data Bowl' bringing their competition total to $25,000. March 19: NFL Communications;

Professor Massoud Amin on smart grids that manages electricity in a reliable manner
CSE professor in electrical and computer engineering, Massoud Amin, is interviewed. March 18: Mangalore Mirror;

Maple Grove resident wins exclusive Evans Scholarship
UMN CSE freshman majoring in mechanical engineering, Garrett Kaiser, is one of five students from Minnesota to receive the Western Golf Association’s Chick Evans Scholarship. March 18: HometownSource; March 26: Sun Sailor;

Lab-created heart valves can grow with the recipient 
UMN researchers from CSE and the Medical School created heart valves capable of lasting growth when implanted in lamb models. Senior researcher and professor in biomedical engineering and in chemical engineering and materials science, Robert Tranquillo, is interviewed. Lead researcher, Zeeshan Syedain, is quoted. March 17: 7th SpaceAustralian Online NewsEurekAlert!Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News; Global BioTech InsightsHealth Medicine Network; H FacultyThe Medical News; Medical XpressNewswise; Science CodexScience Daily; Science News NetScienmagScienmag (additional article); SortiwaWCCO CBS Minnesota; March 18: Bio Space; Cardiovascular News; Central and North Burnett Online NewsDiagnostic Cardiology; Fars News AgencyHealth Care AsiaThe Engineer; The Medical NewsNew Atlas; STAT Morning Rounds; Sign of the Times; Sohu NewsTo Vima (Greek); March 19: Global Biotechnology InsightsLaboratory Equipment; Mad World NewsPioneer PressPopmech (Russian); The Scientist; Technology.org; March 22: Drugs.comHealthDay; U.S. News and World Report; March 24: KSTP TV;

March 17, 2021 | Brief
The Minnesota Neuromodulation Symposium, part of the Institute for Engineering in Medicine’s Innovation Week at UMN, is mentioned. March 17: Techregister;

Badge-eligible schools: Best science schools 2022
UMN is mentioned as a top school in chemistry, computer science, earth sciences, mathematics, applied math, physics. March 16: U.S. News & World Report;

Samson Jenekhe wins the 2021 Polymer Physics Prize
CSE alumnus who holds a Ph.D. in chemical engineering from UMN, Samson Jenekhe, has been awarded the 2021 Polymer Physics Prize by the American Physical Society. March 16: The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education;

Acoustic graphene plasmons study paves way for optoelectronic applications
CSE professor in electrical and computer engineering, Sang-Hyun Oh; post-doc researcher, In-Ho Lee; and their template-stripping method to create ultra-smooth nanostructures, are mentioned. March 16: 7th SpaceAlphaGalileoBioengineerEurekAlert!KAIST; NanowerkMirage NewsPhys.org; Science CodexScienmag; March 17: ELE Times; Nano Magazine; March 24: BrinkwireSciTech Daily;

The Magic Molekule
UMN research is mentioned. Professor in mechanical engineering, Chris Hogan, is quoted. March 16: Head TopicsNYMag;

As precious metals prices soar, Minnesota becomes hot spot for catalytic converter thefts
CSE professor in chemical engineering and materials science, Paul Dauenhauer, is quoted. March 16: Albert Lea TribuneMPR News; March 22: Market Place;

North of Two: Spring snows and recollections of Rainy River
UMN alumnus in civil engineering, Richard "Dick" Harold Nachbar, is currently working on a project titled "North of Two--A Northland Journal." March 15: International Falls Journal;

More than a mask
UMN's Department of Mechanical Engineering's testing on the B2 facemask is mentioned. March 15: European Plastic Product Manufacturer;

University of Minnesota provost manages crisis, plans for post-pandemic future
CSE professor in chemistry and chair of the U's faculty senate, Phil Buhlmann, is quoted. March 13: StarTribune;

How a bike safety bot became a building block for computer engineers
CSE professor in computer science and engineering, Shashi Shekhar, is interviewed. March 11: Bloomberg;

Increase in reported scholastic dishonesty prompts concern among UMN faculty, admin
CSE professor in chemistry and chair of the Student Academic Integrity Committee (SAIC), Kenneth Leopold, is quoted. March 11: Minnesota Daily;

Watching DNA nanotechnology at the speed of light
UMN alumnus in chemical engineering and NSF graduate research fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stephanie M. Hart, authors article. March 11: Science Direct;

Warren Buffett’s cautious road to riches isn’t ideal for society
CSE professor in mathematics, Andrew Odlyzko, is quoted. March 11: Bloomberg;

Welcome to Minne Inno's 2021 Tech Madness Challenge
Minne Inno is going live with its annual Tech Madness bracket, which includes UMN startups Aria CV and BlueCube Bio. March 10: Minne Inno;

3M explains how reflective material works on our favorite sneakers
UMN alumnus in chemical engineering and materials science, and former CEO at 3M, the late Harry Heltzer, is quoted; his research is mentioned. March 10: ComplexYahoo! Entertainment;

Wired Health, the fourth edition kicks off
CSE professor in mechanical engineering, Michael C. McAlpine, will be a guest at the Wired Health business conference to be held March 17 & 18, 2021. March 10: AD Architecturual Digest (Italian); ADC Group (Italian); Best All (Italian); Calcolo Voto di Laurea (Italian); GQ (Italian); Mediakey TV (Italian); OmniaGate (Italian); Vanity Fair (Italian); Vogue (Italian); Wired (Italian); World Magazine (Italian);

Form 424B4 Roblox Corp
UMN alumnus in electrical engineering, Gregory Baszucki, is mentioned as a member of the board of directors at Roblox Corp. March 10: StreetInsider;

Strategic air purifier placement reduces virus spread within music classrooms
UMN research led by assistant professor in mechanical engineering, Suo Yang, is featured. Yang is interviewed, and graduate research assistant, Sai Ranjeet Narayanan, is quoted. March 9: 7th SpaceBrinkwireEurekAlert!; FocusTechnicaNewswisePhys.org; ReachMDSciencemagSciTech Daily; WN.com;

‘We have a real adversary’: Work intensifies to safeguard solar from cyber attacks
CSE professor in electrical and computer engineering, Massoud Amin, is quoted. March 9: PV Magazine;

Niron Magnetics : Expands its Board of Directors and Advisor Network Ahead of Commercialization Efforts for Rare-Earth Free Magnets
Alumnus who received a in Ph.D. in materials science/electrical engineering from UMN, Dr. Ga-Lane Chen, is a new Niron executive advisor. March 9: Borger News Herald; Buffalo News; Collision Repair MagazineDaily Press; Decatur Daily DemocratFinancial.deKane Republican; LivermoreMarketScreener; Morning NewsRidgway Record; TMC NetWall Street Select; Yahoo! Finance;(23 duplicate articles)

Underwriters Laboratories names Dr. Christopher J. Cramer as Chief Research Officer
UMN vice president for research and former CSE associate dean, Christopher J. Cramer, has been selected to be senior vice president and chief research officer at Underwriters Laboratories. March 8: Business InsiderThe Daily Press; Fat Pitch Financials; Finanzen.chJot UpLe Lezard; MENAFNMorning StarmyMotherLode; News BugTMCnet; WBOC; WICZ; (24 duplicate articles)

Form S-1/A Sun Country Airlines
UMN alumnus in aerospace engineering and mechanics, who also earned an M.B.A., Dave Davis, serves as President and CEO at Sun Country Airlines. March 8: StreetInsider;

Committee uses equity lens to review every University administrative policy
UMN CSE human resources director, Joy Wise Davis, is quoted. March 7: Minnesota Daily; UWire;

New Orleans, Baton Rouge area people in business for March 7, 2021
UMN alumnus in mechanical engineering, Bill Abler, has been named vice president of investor relations at Entergy Corp. March 7: The AdvocateBollyinsideExBulletin; NOLA;

It's not just Texas: America's entire power grid is prone to failing as climate change worsens
Analysis by the director of UMN's Technological Leadership Institute, Massoud Amin, is mentioned. March 6: Mic;

Comet Catalina suggests comets delivered carbon to rocky planets
Professor at the UMN's Minnesota Institute of Astrophysics and the paper's lead author, Charles Woodward, is quoted. March 5: Archaeological News NetworkFinanzen; Finanzen.ch; Interesting Engineering; IFL ScienceMarkets Insider; Merrill EdgePR Newswire; Sci-NewsTheStreet; StreetInsider; SpaceDaily; Tech Social NetWFMZYahoo! Finance; March 6: Fox NewsGeek Tech Online; March 8: Daily Magazine; Daily MailKnowledia; Yahoo! Finance; (110 duplicate articles);

'Betelgeuse on steroids': This monster star is dimming and scientists now know why
UMN professor emerita in physics and astronomy, Roberta Humphreys, is interviewed. March 4: Hubble Site; International Business NewsNASA TVNewswisePhys.org; March 5: ASDNewsFlorida Space Report; Just A Life Sciences BlogKnowledia NewsNestiaNew Merck, Reviewed; Technology.org; (28 duplicate articles);

Field study shows icing can cost wind turbines up to 80% of power production
UMN postdoctoral associate at St. Anthony Falls Laboratory, Linyue Gao, was a member of a study on wind turbines led by an Iowa State University professor. March 4: 7thSpaceBioengineerEurekAlert!; Scienmag;

Fast-tracking clinical trials, vaccine delivery, and personal protective equipment through engineering: Live virtual event
UMN professor in biomedical engineering, David Odde, will be one of the experts from the the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) at the March 11 virtual event. March 4: Newswise;

IIT Roorkee organizes 4th edition of Prof. J.B. Lal Memorial Lecture on ‘The Future Of Chemical Engineering Teaching’
UMN emeritus professor in chemical engineering and materials science, who was a key speaker at the J.B. Lal Memorial Lecture, Edward L. Cussler Jr., is featured. March 3: APN NewsIndia Education Diary; The Hawk;

Steel Bridge Task Force announces recipient of 2021 Robert J. Dexter Memorial Award Lecture
The program was instituted in 2005 in memory of UMN associate professor of civil engineering Robert J. Dexter. March 3: Informed Infrastructure; March. 5: Civil + Structural Engineer; March 16: Associate Construction Publications;

Newsmakers, University of Minnesota Twin Cities Dean's List
UMN's College of Science and Engineering 2020 fall semester dean’s list is mentioned. March 3: Watertown Daily Times;

WPI Announces Faculty Promotions and Tenure Awards
Alumnus who earned a Ph.D. in computer science at UMN and has been awarded tenure at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Yanhua Li, is featured. March 2: Worcester Polytechnic Institute;

Can NMR spectral interpretation be taught more efficiently?
CSE assistant professor in chemistry, Joseph Topczewski, is quoted. March 2: c&en;

Koans as questions, Koans as test: One scientist’s personal perspective
Adam Frank, Ph.D., who held postdoctoral and visiting scientist positions at Leiden University and UMN, is interviewed. March 1: UPAYA;

February 2021

Meet your neighbor: Ted Wolanin Jr.
UMN alumnus in chemical engineering, Ted Wolanin, Jr., is featured. Feb. 28: Midland Daily News;

Minnesota StarWatch: Take advantage of the lengthening days
UMN's Bell Museum is mentioned. Feb. 28: Austin Daily Herald;

College news - local students earn university honors
UMN's College of Science and Engineering 2020 fall semester dean’s list is mentioned. Feb. 28: Herald Independent News;

‘Exciting times’: UMN and NASA alum, 81, watches historic Mars mission
Former UMN professor in aerospace engineering and mechanics, Andrew Vano, is featured. Feb. 27:  PioneerPress; Feb. 26: Duluth News TribuneGrand Forks Herald; Inforum; Post BulletinWadena Pioneer Journal;

IAQ and dedicated outdoor air systems
UMN alumnus in mechanical engineering, and product manager at Daiken Applied, Matt Dodds, authors article. Feb. 26: Facility Executive;

‘Energy & U’ virtual show debuts with more than 9,000 guests during UTRGV Engineers Week
UMN originally developed the “Energy and U” show in 2007.  Funding from NSF facilitated the migration of the show to South Texas. Feb. 26: Texas Border BusinessUniversity of Texas Rio Grande Valley;

Minnesota sports analytics team makes finals in NFL's 'Big Data Bowl' competition
UMN student working on a master's degree in data science, Sam Walczak, is part of an analytics team that is one of five finalists in the NFL's 'Big Data Bowl.' The team won $15,000. Feb. 25: StarTribune; Yahoo! News;

Though power grid held steady during cold, Minnesotans brace for natural gas price surge
CSE professor in electrical and computer engineering, Ned Mohan, is quoted. Feb. 24: Inforum;

NUBURU establishes advisory board of seasoned technology experts
UMN alumnus, who earned a Ph.D. in materials science/electrical engineering and will serve on the advisory board of NUBURU, Dr. Ga-Lane Chen, is featured. Feb. 24: AscencusBig Spring HeraldDeer Park TribuneMalvern Daily RecordMarket Screener; Morning NewsMorningstar; NewsOKSan Diego StocksYahoo! Finance; Feb. 25: WebWire(27 duplicate articles)

CM Group names Desta Price as chief product officer
UMN alumnus in mechanical engineering, and new chief product officer at CM Group, Desta Price, is featured. Feb. 24: AzcentralBenzinga; Canadian Insider; Daily HeraldDaily Penny Alerts; Daily PressGlobeNewswire; The Kane RepublicanMarket Screener; Medicine Hat News; MorningstarStreetInsider; Yahoo! Finance(38 duplicate articles)

Elliott Payne declares for 1st Ward
UMN alumnus in mechanical engineering, and candidate for Minneapolis First Ward City Council, Elliott Payne, is featured. Feb. 24: Northeaster Newspaper;

Launch Minnesota announces innovation grants for 17 more startups
UMN startup and winner of the 2020 Minnesota Cup, BlueCube Bio, is mentioned. Feb. 23: Minne Inno; Red Lake Nation News;

Entergy Corporation: Names Bill Abler vice president of investor relations
UMN alumnus in mechanical engineering, Bill Abler, is featured. He has been named VP of investor relations at Entergy Corp. Feb. 23: Market Screener;

Haynes and Boone elevates eight lawyers to counsel in 2021
UMN alumnus in biomedical engineering, Chad Hammerlind, is one of eight lawyers at Haynes and Boone, LLP,  who have been promoted to counsel. Feb. 22: Haynes Boone;

Wycliffe Ogega joins Dewberry
UMN alumnus in electrical engineering, Wycliffe Ogega, P.E., has joined Dewberry as a project manager. Feb. 22: PM Engineer

SciTech interns boost future of Minnesota economy
UMN junior in chemical engineering and Minnesota SciTech intern, Tatem Rios, is interviewed. Feb. 21: StarTribuneYahoo! News;

Speakers announced for plastics sustainability conference
CSE professor in chemistry, and Presidential Endowed Chair Director of the Center for Sustainable Polymers, Marc A. Hillmyer, will speak from the U.S. at the GRIPS conference. Feb. 19: Materials Today;

Ancient kauri trees capture last collapse of Earth’s magnetic field
CSE professor in earth and environmental sciences, Lawrence Edwards, is quoted. Feb. 18: PrimeTimes (Inidia); Science Magazine; Feb. 19: News Opener; Feb. 21: Later On;

Tech 20: Allison Hubel, Founder, BlueCube Bio
CSE professor in mechanical engineering, and founder of UMN startup BlueCube Bio, Allison Hubel, is featured. Feb./Mar.: Twin Cities Business;

indie Semiconductor augments senior management team
UMN alumnus in chemical engineering Steve Machuga has joined indie Semiconductor in the newly created role of chief operating officer. Feb. 18: Antlers AmericanAscensusAvanza Bank; Benton CourierBezinga; Crain Business InsuranceLong Beach Press TelegramMarket ScreenerMorningstar; NewsOKOne Observer News Enterprise; Ridgway RecordRockford Register StarWallstreet Online; (37 duplicate articles)

University of Minnesota, UMN Hormel Institute, and Mayo Clinic collaborate on new citizen science project
UMN partnership is featured. Professor in physics and astronomy and co-founder of Zooniverse, Lucy Fortson, is quoted. Feb. 17: News Medical; Newswise; Science Magazine; Feb. 18: Bioengineer; Feb. 23: Austin Daily Herald;

Sophisticated, this smartphone application can help the blind cross the road
UMN research is featured. Research associate in mechanical engineering Chen-Fu Liao is quoted. Feb. 17: Liputan6 (Indonesian);

The search for “perfect” recyclables: University researchers explore alternatives to plastics
UMN research is featured. Professor in chemical engineering and materials science, Paul Dauenhauer; graduate student in the Dauenhauer Research Group, Yutong Pang; and professor in chemistry, Marc Hillmyer, are quoted.  Feb. 17: Minnesota Daily;

Discovery improves catalytic production of chemicals
A study by a national team of researchers, including a UMN professor in chemical engineering and materials science, Matthew Neurock, is featured. Professor Neurock is quoted. Feb. 16: Chemical Online; Feb. 17: Mirage News;

Dr. Lucy Fortson - Mapping the Haystack / Finding the Needles
CSE associate head and professor in physics and astronomy, Lucy Fortson, will be the presenter for the February 16, 2021, Zooniverse webinar. Feb. 16: All Events Online;

Inaugural GRIPS conference commences 16 March
CSE professor in chemistry, and Presidential Endowed Chair Director of the Center for Sustainable Polymers, Marc A. Hillmyer, will speak at the conference from the U.S. Feb. 16: Medical Plastic News Magazine; Feb. 18: Asia Pacific Coatings JournalPolymers Paint Colour Journal;

Molycul launches 'Air Pro RX', an air purifier approved by the US FDA
UMN College of Science and Engineering and College of Veterinarian Medicine research is mentioned. Feb. 16: EnergyDaily (Korean); GlobalNewsAgency (Korean); HG-Times (Korean); Idreambank (Korean): Kyeonggi (Korean); Newsgn (Korean); NewsWire (Korean); SOBILife (Korean); SPOTV News (Korean); STNSports (Korean); WOLYO (Korean); (126 duplicate articles)

Ford announces patent-pending clear N95 masks & low cost air filters
Ford collaborated with UMN for smoke particulate testing and aerosol modeling. Associate professor in mechanical engineering, Jiarong Hong, is quoted. Feb. 14: This.Kiji.is; Uinterview;

Super Bowl dream comes true for Spencer Dille
UMN alumnus (B.S. in computer engineering, 2003; M.S. in computer science, 2012) and director of technology for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Spencer Dille, is featured. Feb. 15: Independent Review; Feb. 17: Hutchinson Leader;

With arenas reopening, health experts are concerned about further infections
UMN research is mentioned. Associate professor in mechanical engineering Jiarong Hong is quoted. Feb. 12: Spectrum News NY1;

Don Paulson inducted into Plastics Hall of Fame
UMN alumnus in engineering, Don Paulson, who is founder and chairman of Paulson Training Programs, Inc., has been inducted into the 2021 Plastics Hall of Fame. Feb. 12: Middletown Press;

The 2021 Midwest Manure Summit is going virtual
UMN associate professor in bioproducts and biosystems engineering, Erin Cortus, will be a presenter at the 2021 Midwest Manure Summit. Feb. 10: Midwest Farm Report; Feb. 16: Dairy Business;

'How air conditioning spreads coronavirus aerosols decoded'
UMN research is featured. Associate professor in mechanical engineering and study co-author, Jiarong Hong, is quoted. Feb. 10: CNBC TV18; UMN CIDRAP;

If a restaurant doesn't have these 2 things, don't eat there right now
UMN research is featured. Associate professor in mechanical engineering and study author, Jiarong Hong, is quoted. Feb. 9: BestLife; MSN; MSN India NewsMSN UAEMSN Malaysia; Yahoo!Life;

Ford's next pandemic mission: Clear N95 masks and low-cost air filters
Ford collaborated with UMN for smoke particulate testing and aerosol modeling. Associate professor in mechanical engineering, Jiarong Hong, is quoted. Feb. 9: Beaumont EnterpriseChron.comLMTonline; MSN; MySanAntonio; New Haven RegisterPress From; Seattle Times; Stars and StripesWashington Post; Feb. 10: Messenger Inquirer;

University of Minnesota smartphone app could help people with visual impairments cross the street
UMN research is featured. Lead researcher in mechanical engineering Chen-Fu Liao is quoted. Feb. 8: StarTribune;

150 polymer experts to speak at first-of-its-kind global plastics sustainability & innovation conference
CSE professor in chemistry, and Presidential Endowed Chair Director of the Center for Sustainable Polymers, Marc A. Hillmyer, will speak at the conference from the U.S. Feb. 8: Factory & Handling Solutions; Feb. 16: AZO Clean Tech;

Mysterious organic scum boosts chemical reaction efficiency, may reduce chemical waste
CSE professor in chemical engineering and materials science, Matthew Neurock, co-led the study and is quoted. UMN graduate students, Ashwin Chemburkar and Vineet Maliekkal, and postdoctoral researcher Stuart Winikoff, are mentioned. Feb. 7: India Education Diary;

Reell names Jim Brown as Senior Global Product Line Manager for Commercial Motion
UMN alumnus in mechanical engineering, Jim Brown, has been named Senior Global Product Line Manager for Reell's Commercial Motion Business Unit. Feb. 4: ADVFNBenzinga; The Kane RepublicanPowergrid InternationalPRWebSan Antonio Express News; SM Daily PressTimes Union; Value Investing NewsWFMZ(133 duplicate articles);

Parametric creates diversity quantitative finance fellowships at University of Washington and University of Minnesota
The Parametric Fellowship at UMN Mathematical Finance Master (MFM) program is featured. Feb. 4: Finanzen.atFinanzen.chMarkets Insider-Business Insider; The Marietta Daily JournalPR Newswire; Starkville Daily NewsStreetInsider; Value Investing NewsWFMZ; (60 duplicate articles);

'This is a game-changer': U of M spinoff company launches face mask it says can kill the coronavirus
UMN spinoff, Claros Technologies, has developed a mask it says is capable of killing the virus. The company's cofounder and associate professor in bioproducts and biosystems engineering, Abdennour Abbas, is interviewed. Feb. 3: KSTP;

Ford ramps up #finishstrong initiative with mask deliveries to hard-hit areas, Super Bowl lV ads, new PPE designs
UMN and Ford conducted aerosol modeling studies. Associate professor in mechanical engineering, Jiarong Hong, is quoted. Feb. 2: The Auto ChannelAuto Futures; Concept CarzFord AuthorityFord Media Center; Feb. 3: Stage Directions; Feb. 4: AutoMobilSport; Pronounce Media; Feb. 8: IEyeNews;

NanoBionic spinach plants can detect explosives
CSE professor in mechanical engineering, Michael McAlpine, is quoted. Feb. 2: Technology Times;

United Launch Alliance modifies launch pad and facilities in advance of first Vulcan Centaur launch this year
UMN professor emerita in physics and astronomy, Roberta Humphreys, has been named an AAS Fellow by the American Astronomical Society (AAS). Feb. 2: SpaceRef;

How to showcase your department to prospective grad students—virtually
CSE assistant professor in chemistry, Courtney Roberts, is interviewed. Feb. 2: Science Magazine;

On This Day in Math - February 2
The Gertrude Blanch Papers, 1932-1996, are stored at UMN's Charles Babbage Institute. Blanch did pioneering work in numerical analysis and computation. Feb. 2: Pat's Blog;

Research teams describe results of Frontera supercomputer access at TACC Texascale Days
UMN researchers were given access to the entire Frontera machine at TACC for 24 hours. Professor in physics and astronomy, Paul Woodward, is interviewed. Feb. 1: HPC Wire;

January 2021

Clear winter skies make February fantastic for stargazing
UMN's Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics, located in the Tate Laboratory of Physics and Astronomy, is mentioned. Jan. 30: Kanabec County Times; Feb. 2: Alpha Galileo;

Scientist use space-technology to see how our air is cleaning itself
UMN research that uses satellites to monitor the chemistry of the atmosphere is mentioned. Jan. 30: Sciencenorway;

MnDOT, University of Minnesota work together on app to help the visually impaired at signal crossings
U of M and MnDOT conducted research on a new app to help people at signal crossings. Senior research associate in mechanical engineering, Chen-Fu Liao, is interviewed. Jan. 29: KSTP;

Blake Larson, Northrop VP, Space Systems President
UMN alumnus who holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and a master’s degree in management of technology, Blake Larson, is featured. Jan. 28: Potomac Officers Club; Potomac Officers Club/Five GovCon Execs;

Regents consider allowing UMN logo on alcohol products
CSE professor in chemistry, Phil Buhlmann, is quoted. Jan. 27: Minnesota Daily;

Bell Museum hosts virtual Space Fest Feb. 4 - 6
UMN researchers and scientists from NASA's Goddard Lab will be presenters at Bell Museum's annual Space Fest event. Jan. 27: Fox 9;

New board members at the Winona Community Foundation
UMN alumnus in mechanical engineering, Corey Hancock, is one of two new board members added to the Winona Community Foundation board of directors. Jan. 27: Winona Post;

Carbon-chomping soil bacteria may pose hidden climate risk
CSE assistant professor in civil, environmental and geo-engineering, Judy Yang, conducted the research as a postdoctoral fellow at Princeton. Jan. 27: 7th Space; Bioengineer; Brinkwire; EurekAlert!Phys.org; Science CodexScience DailySciTechDaily; Jan. 28: AZO Cleantech; Sortiwa Portal;

Minnesota needs a climate leader, not a new pipeline
UMN alumna in bioproducts and biosystems, Caroline Frischmon, authors article. Jan. 27: MinnPost;

University of Minnesota part of Toyota Research Institute’s new initiative
CSE assistant professor in computer science and engineering, Hyun Soo Park, will lead the Toyota Research Institute's sponsored research at the UMN. Jan. 26: UMN News and Events;

Announcing the Brooke Owens Fellowship Class of 2021
UMN senior studying electrical engineering, Marie Wulff, is a recipient of the 2021 Brooke Owens Fellowship, a nationally-acclaimed nonprofit organization recognizing exceptional undergraduate women and other gender minorities. Jan. 26: SpaceRef;

How this chemical engineer is hacking plastic production to promote sustainability
CSE professor in chemical engineering and materials science and a 2020 MacArthur fellow, Paul Dauenhauer, is interviewed. UMN research is featured. Jan. 25: PBS News Hour;

U.S. Investing Championship 2020 final standings
UMN alumnus in chemistry, Kenneth He Huang, Ph.D., is the top finisher among participants in the enhanced growth division trading accounts of less than $1,000,000 in the U.S. Investing Championship 2020. Jan. 25: Associated Press; Benzinga; Galveston County Daily News; Kane Republican; Malvern Daily RecordMarketScreener; Morning NewsMorningstar; Odessa AmericanYahoo! Finance; (71 duplicate articles)

Waibel believes there’s plenty of room for corn’s future
UMN Center for Sustainable Polymers research that developed tires made from corn-based rubber instead of a petroleum-base is mentioned. Jan. 22: TheLandOnline;

Voters guide: Ramsey City Council Ward 1 special election Feb. 9
UMN alumna in aerospace engineering and Owner/President of Diversified Utility Sales of America, Jane Covart, is running to fill the Ward 1 seat on the Ramsey City Council. Jan. 22: HometownSource;

Open or closed? Local museums welcome back visitors as COVID-19 restrictions lift slowly
UMN's Bell Museum hopes to reopen to the public sometime in early March, according to their website. Jan. 22: Minnesota Daily;

Faces of EHS: For Maryann Hoff, safety is more than just a job
UMN alumnus and senior risk control manager at Safety National, Maryann Hoff, who has a master's degree in environmental health and safety and a B.S. in chemical engineering, is interviewed. Jan. 22: EHS Daily Advisor;

NERC 2021 Leadership Summit
UMN alumnus in electrical engineering Mark Lauby, who is senior vice president and chief engineer at NERC, is featured and will make opening remarks at the upcoming summit. Jan. 21: NERC;

CytoSorbents appoints David D. Cox, PhD, MBA as Vice President - Global Regulatory Affairs
Alumnus who received a Ph.D. in bio-inorganic chemistry from UMN, David D. Cox, has been appointed VP of Global Regulatory Affairs at CytoSorbents, effective immediately. Jan. 21: Associated PressBarchartBenzinga; The Buffalo News;  Finanzen; Finanzen.chMarkets Insider; PR Newswire; StreetInsiderYahoo! Finance; (111 duplicate articles)

Seven faculty members honored with outstanding distinctions
Alumnus who received a doctorate in chemical engineering from UMN, Ranil Wickramasinghe, has been named as a Distinguished Professor at the University of Arkansas. Jan. 20: University of Arkansas News;

A nerve center for climate in the Biden White House
UMN alumnus Jonathan Pershing - ESCI Ph.D. grad (1990) - will serve on the team under Former Secretary of State John Kerry, who will serve as Biden’s international climate envoy. Jan. 19: E&E NewsDNYUZ; New York Times; Jan. 21: Our Daily Planet;

Orbia appoints new CEO
Alumnus who received a Ph.D. in chemical engineering from UMN, Sameer S. Bharadwaj, has been appointed to the position of chief executive officer at Orbia Advance Corp. Jan. 19: Associated Press; Benzinga; Market ScreenerMorningstarThe StreetYahoo! Finance; Jan. 20: FinanzenMarket Report Company; Markets Insider; Wallstreet Online(132 duplicate articles)

Zumbrota POW veteran, among the last from WWII, still strong at 97
UMN alumnus in mechanical engineering and WWII POW veteran, Frank Goplen, is featured. Jan. 16: StarTribune;

Conductive nature in crystal structures revealed at magnification of 10 million times
A team led by UMN professor in chemical engineering & materials science, K. Andre Mkhoyan, has made a discovery that blends transparency and conductivity. Jan.15: ApostzBioengineer; Biotech World; Bright SurfBurada Biliyorum; Cracked ResourcesEngineeringjobs4uEurekAlert!; Freshnewstday; Health Medicine NetworkIldrmIsraelNationalNewsMirage; Nanotechnology NowNewswise; NewstoHughesPeek Jar News; Phys.orgPunchngNews; Science CodexScienceDailyScienmag; TechandSciencePostToday's Sciencology; Zephyrnet; Jan. 16: DailyMailIndiaEstore; KnowlediaLatest News Tips; Latest News Tripura; NiyanazriyaSciencesprings; Starline NewsUncover RealityVectors Journal; Jan. 17: AZOM; Geek Tech OnlineInfinity CS NewsinMyCityVectors Journal; Jan. 18: Compound Semiconductor; Jan. 24: ASM International; Jan. 25: Printed Electronics World;

Study: X-Rays surrounding 'Magnificent 7' may be traces of sought-after particle
A team of scientists, including a UMN researcher, have found that mysterious x-rays detected from nearby neutron stars may be the first evidence of axions. Study collaborator and UMN researcher in physics and astronomy, Raymond Co, is quoted. Jan. 15: Berkley LabEurekAlert!; FuturismUMN News and Events; Jan. 16: Express; Jan. 17: New Atlas; Sakshi News; Jan. 18: Newsbeezer; Zephyrnet; Jan. 19: Yahoo! News;

Low-volume road runoff analyses suggest optimal treatments
CSE professor civil, environmental and geo-engineering, John Gulliver, is quoted. Jan.15: Crossroads;

The 2021 Midwest Manure Summit is going virtual
UMN associate professor in bioproducts and biosystems engineering, Erin Cortus, will be a presenter at the 2021 Midwest Manure Summit. Jan 15: Dairy Business;

How will pandemic impact transportation? House committee begins looking at post-COVID future
CSE professor in industrial systems and engineering, Saif Benjaafar, provided testimony to the MN House Committee on Transportation Finance and Policy, and professor in computer science and engineering, Shashi Shekhar, also attended. Jan.14: Minnesota House of Representatives;

Testing demonstrates Molekule's air purification technology inactivates H1N1 flu virus and Coronavirus strains
Critical testing from UMN's College of Science and Engineering and College of Veterinary Medicine is featured. The lead researchers, professor in mechanical engineering, Chris Hogan, and professor in the College of Veterinary Medicine, Montserrat Torremorell, are quoted. Jan.14: Ascensus; Buffalo NewsDaily Press-Financial Content; Finanzen; KTVNMarkets InsiderPR Newswire; Ridgeway RecordStock Market-Financial ContentStreetInsider; TMCnet; WBOCWFMZYahoo! Finance; (54 duplicate articles)

Good news Thursday: Tiny artificial heart
The lead researcher and head of UMN's Department of Biomedical Engineering, Brenda Ogle, is quoted. Jan.14: Daily Kos;

New partnership could put University of Minnesota at center of biomanufacturing industry
UMN's Board of Regents last week approved an agreement to host the Bioindustrial Manufacturing and Design Ecosystem (BioMADE). Professor in chemistry and vice president for research in OVPR, Chris Cramer, is quoted. Jan.13: StarTribune;

The 20 hottest digital health startups from flyover country
UMN's Department of Mechanical Engineering tested ergonomic, washable masks made by the Minneapolis start-up Breathe99. Jan. 13: Observer;

Rethinking GPU hackathons for a pandemic and beyond
The AeroUMN team and the research associate in aerospace engineering and mechanics who led the team, Ioannis Nompelis, are mentioned. Jan. 13: HPC Wire;

Light-Responsive 3D Printed Smart Gels Replicate Octopus Camouflage
UMN post-doctoral associate in mechanical engineering and study co-author, Daehoon Han, is mentioned. Jan. 13: 3D Print;

Women, students from underrepresented groups feel less supported in chemistry graduate school in the US
CSE professor in chemistry, Edgar Arriaga, is interviewed. Jan. 13: c&en;

Have meat and eat it too
UMN alumnus in chemical engineering and Senior VP International at Impossible Foods, Nick Halla, will be a speaker at an upcoming Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce webinar. Jan. 13: HKGCC

Some museums reopen, some move toward reopening (it’s complicated)
UMN's Bell Museum hopes to reopen in late February/early March. Bell Museum's director of business and marketing, Adrienne Wiseman, is quoted. Jan. 12: MinnPost;

New video series highlights corn farmer-funded research
Videos by CSE associate professor in mechanical engineering Will Northrop, CFANS assistant extension professor Vasudha Sharma, and CFANS professor Tim Griffis, are featured. Jan. 12: Minnesota Corn Growers Association; Jan. 14: News Dakota;

Longtime Auburn resident turns 100
UMN alumnus in engineering and longtime Auburn resident, David G. McGuire, celebrated his 100th birthday on January 10, 2021. Jan. 12: Gold Country Media

Massman names new CEO and Executive Board Chair
UMN alumnus in the Management of Technology, Jeffrey Hohn, has been appointed CEO and President at Massman, effective immediately. Jan. 12: Powder Bulk Solids; Produce Processing; Jan. 13: Packaging World; Refrigerated & Frozen Foods; Jan. 14: Flexible Packaging; National Provisioner; Jan. 19: Snack Food and Wholesale Industry;

Thank you, Minnesota
UMN Dean of the Medical School, Jacob Tolar, authors article noting the development the Coventor and augmented mask supplies due to a collaboration between the College of Design and CSE; and, a plexiglass protective shield developed by anesthesiology faculty and engineering students. Jan. 11: St. Cloud Times;

Why iron pyrite (fool's gold) is the compound of the future
UMN research on iron pyrite innovations is featured. Professor in chemical engineering and materials science, Chris Leighton, is interviewed. Jan. 11: Mpls St Paul Magazine;

Paul Dye, Eagle Scout and NASA’s longest-serving flight director, shares how Scouting ‘truly shaped who I am’
UMN alumnus in aerospace engineering and mechanics, Paul Dye, is interviewed. Jan. 11: Scouting Magazine;

Researchers develop new one-step process for creating self-assembled metamaterials
A team led by UMN researchers has discovered a groundbreaking one-step process for creating self-assembled metamaterials. Associate professor in CEMS, Bharat Jalan; professor in AEM, Richard James; and professor in CEMS, Andre Mkhoyan, are quoted. Jan. 11: 7th Space; Apostz; Argonne National LaboratoryBioengineer.orgBiotechAsiaNewsBright Surf; Cracked Resources; Daily Mail IndiaeScience.NewsEurekAlert!; FreshnewstdayIldrmIsraelNationalNews; Manorama NewsMN Academy of ScienceMirage NewsNanowerk; NayanazriyaNewswise; OneIndia NewsPhys.org; Punchng.News; Sakshi NewsScience Codex; ScienceDaily; Scienmag; SortiwaTechnology Times; Technology TrendsTopSpot 247; TV5NewsUrallnews; UMN AEMUMN ResearchU of M CSE; U of M News and Events; U of M Research; WIO NewsWorld Pro News; Jan. 12: AZOM; Innovations ReportNano MagazineSpace Daily; Jan. 14: Techology.org; Jan. 15: IsraelNationalNews; PunchngNewsSciTechDaily; Jan. 16: BrinkwireEstoreFocusTechnica; LatestNewsTipsNach Welt (German); News BeezerSky1news; Timworld;

Spider-Man's web strength, explained by science
The book The Physics of Superheroes by UMN professor in physics and astronomy, James Kakalios, is featured. Jan. 11: Screen Rant;

Springfield Symphony kicks off New Year with ‘Smorgasbord’ concert, follows safety measures amid pandemic
Springfield Symphony is following the research conducted in a study by the University of Colorado and the University of Minnesota. Jan. 10: MSN;

Electrical inspections with a thermal camera
UMN alumnus in mechanical engineering, Justin Sheard, is a specialist at Fluke Industrial Imaging group and authors this article on electrical inspections. Jan. 10: Electrical Industry Canada;

Regents take next steps on BioMade
UMN Board of Regents approved building lease agreements and an employment contract as a next step in advancing the University’s partnership with bioindustrial manufacturing organization BioMADE. Jan. 9: Minnesota Daily;

Ansys electronic design industry predictions
UMN alumnus in electrical engineering, Shawn Carpenter, is a program director at Ansys and authors this editorial on electronic design. Jan. 9: EDACafe Editorial;

Stop lines don't help improve driver safety, study finds
UMN research associate professor and director of Minnesota Traffic Observatory in CEGE, John Hourdos, who is the study's lead investigator, is quoted. Jan. 8: StarTribune;

FAQ Friday: The tech behind the COVIDaware MN app
CSE professor in computer science and engineering, Shashi Shekhar, is quoted. Jan. 8: Tech.MN;

2021 Cope and Cope Scholar award winners
UMN professor in chemistry and vice president for research in OVPR, Chris Cramer, is a recipient of the 2021 Arthur C. Cope Scholar Awards. Jan. 8: c&en;

SomaLogic appoints Jason Cleveland as chief technology officer
UMN alumnus in math and physics, Jason Cleveland, has been appointed by SomaLogic as chief technology officer. Jan. 8: Associated Press; Benzinga; Dow Theory Letters; EinnewsGlobeNewswire; Market Screener; MENAFNMorningstar; Sweetwater ReporterYahoo! Finance;  Jan. 11: Cobioscience(92 duplicate articles)

GIS Ed Weekly: The spatially gifted are being overlooked
UMN research by Raphael Stern and Michael Levin, both scholars in the Center for Transportation Studies and assistant professors of civil, environmental, and geo- engineering in CSE, is mentioned. Jan. 7: Ignite Education;

CCEFP-associated projects gain federal funds, director reports
U.S. Department of Energy announced an award of $1.67 million for a project with UMN to research energy savings for connected and autonomous off-road vehicles. Jan. 7: Fluid Power Journal;

H. B. Fuller grants support local nonprofits
UMN's Center for Sustainable Polymers received support in 2020 from the H.B. Fuller Company Foundation. Jan 6. H.B. Fuller; MarketScreener;

Fish & Richardson elevates its most diverse principal class ever
UMN alumnus Grace Kim, who has a B.S. in chemical engineering and an M.S. in mechanical engineering, is one of 14 attorneys elevated to principals at the firm Fish & Richardson. Jan. 5: LawFuel; Jan. 12: Minnesota Lawyer;

A new view of the Twin Cities with LEGOS
Ryan Fuchs, who studied mechanical engineering at UMN, recreates Twin Cities' landmarks brick-by-brick in a CAD program. Jan. 5: Mpls St Paul Magazine;

Treating tinnitus through the tongue?
CSE associate professor in biomedical engineering, Hubert Lim, is interviewed, and his research on a remedy for tinnitus is featured. Jan. 4: NAE Frontiers of Engineering; NAE Frontiers of Engineering News;

Eden Prairie: COVID-19 wasn’t the only story this year
UMN student majoring in chemical engineering and minoring in computer science and math, Nibir Sarma, won the 2020 Jeopardy! College Championship and $100,000. Jan. 4: HometownSource;

Extreme temperature diary - Sunday, January 3, 2021
UMN alumna in physical chemistry, Ruth Reck, is interviewed about her work at GM and her studies on global warming. Jan. 3: Guy On Climate;

Washington County public works employees recognized
UMN alumnus in civil engineering, Wayne Sandberg, has been recognized by Washington County Board of Commissioners for having received an award from his professional organization. Jan. 3: Country Messenger;

New research could help millions who suffer from ringing ears
UMN research is featured. Associate professor in biomedical engineering, Hubert Lim, is interviewed. Jan. 2: Nach Welt (German);

These 10 projects are the best in Minnesota architecture in 2020
The architectural design of UMN's Bell Museum has received an Honor Award by the American Institute of Architect Minnesota. Jan. 1: StarTribune;