Developing an internship

What is an internship?

An internship is a work experience related to the field of study. Internships are usually full-time during the summer months. Students may continue work for a minimal number of hours during the school year with an employer while maintaining their full academic course load. Internships may be for credit or non-credit.

Developing an internship program

  • Determine the role of your intern(s). Do you have space to host an intern? Who will supervise the intern? Can you offer meaningful work assignments and mentoring opportunities for an intern? What are your expectations of an intern?
  • Develop a job description. Include job responsibilities, expectations, timeframe, salary, qualifications, and any unique information about your organization and the position.
  • Post the internship on GoldPASS. Once your position is posted, you can search resumes, reach out to student groups, and more.
  • After you’ve interviewed candidates and selected an intern, prepare an orientation to make your intern feel welcome and supported.
  • Schedule on-going meetings to check in with your intern throughout the program.

If your organization would like further information about developing an internship program and hiring College of Science and Engineering students, contact the CSE Employer Relations Coordinator at 612-624-4090 or

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