Dean's Lunch and Learn featuring the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

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Join Dean Kaveh and department head Donna Whitney for a closer look at some of the innovations taking place in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences. 

Featured Presentations

Assistant Professor Peter Kang will discuss “Understanding and Predicting Groundwater Flow Processes through Visualization.” Kang Research Group advances our fundamental understanding of fluid flow and reactive transport in porous and fractured media. His research combines theory, high-performance numerical simulation and visual laboratory experiments to understand how the coupling between physical, chemical, and biological processes controls fluid flow and reactive transport in the subsurface environment. Based on improved understanding, Kang’s group develops predictive models for environmental applications such as groundwater management, contaminant transport, aquifer storage and recovery, and groundwater and surface-water interactions.

Associate Professor Cara Santelli will then present, “Mineral-making microbes enhance remediation and metal recovery in contaminated waters.” Research in the Santelli Geomicrobiology Lab examines the interactions between minerals and microorganisms, including fungi, to understand how biomineralization, biocorrosion, and metabolic activity influence the fate and distribution of metals, nutrients, and pollutants in the environment. The lab’s specific research objectives are driven by conducting fundamental scientific research on environmentally relevant biogeochemical processes and key elements in nature that are further influenced by anthropogenic activities, such as mining and agriculture. In addition to answering key questions on the mechanisms, metabolic pathways, and geochemical impact of mineral-microbe interactions, the Santelli lab seeks to inform and improve strategies for remediating inorganic pollutants to improve the quality and health of water and soil environments.

Alumni from all academic majors are welcome.


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Public lecture
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Wednesday, Dec. 4, 2019, 11:30 a.m.
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Wednesday, Dec. 4, 2019, 1 p.m.

Walter Library, Room 101
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