Planet Party

Registration Required· All Ages

For two days only, June 24 & 25, 4–5am, get ready for one Moon, seven planets, and a dwarf planet!

This astronomical event of all planets appearing in the same area of the sky, also known as a planet parade, will not occur again until 2161. Five of the seven planets are visible to the unaided eye; the Bell Museum planetarium team will have telescopes outside—weather permitting—to help participants observe all the planets. 

Through guidance from the planetarium team, join us for the opportunity to view the atmosphere of Jupiter, spot the detail on Saturn’s rings, see a side of the moon that is often too dark to view at night-including new craters, and more. So stop by the Learning Landscape and take a look at our closest neighbors (seeing Pluto not guaranteed).

Please note: This event is weather dependent. Register to receive communications regarding the status of this event.

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Start date
Saturday, June 25, 2022, 4 a.m.
End date
Saturday, June 25, 2022, 5 a.m.