Amanda Dahl: Curiosity is the word

“Curiosity” is a word that pops up often in AmandaDahl’s life.

It was curiosity that led her to apply to the College of Science

and Engineering where the Woodbury, Minn., native, now in

her senior year, is majoring in biomedical engineering. It was

curiosity about the options available to her within the school

that has led her to tour labs throughout CSE and beyond at the

University. Curiosity also led her to Bali last spring as part of a

cross-cultural leadership study abroad program.

“I chose engineering because I am a very curious person and

I like to learn about systems and how they work,” said Dahl,

whose campaign to satisfy her curiosity is being underwritten

by nearly a half dozen scholarships. “CSE is well-known for its

programs, of course, including biomedical engineering.”

Beyond that, she decided on the University among other

schools she was considering in part because of location. The

University is not just close to home for her, it is, even more important,

in her words, “a center of innovation for biomedical

heart therapies, which is what I am interested in.”

It also helps that the University is located in the same town

as biomedical device industry leaders such as pacemakerpioneer

Medtronic, Boston Scientific, and St. Jude Medical.

“I chose engineering because I am a very curious person and I like to learn about systems and how they work.”

--Amanda Dahl

“This gives me a lot of opportunity to get to know these companies,

which in turn means I have more opportunity to get an

internship at one of them. And someday, perhaps even a career

fulfilling my dream of developing medical devices to help people

who suffer from scoliosis or the effects of back injuries,” she

said. In particular, her time spent in Bali inspired a dream to

make medical devices more affordable, and hence accessible, to

patients throughout the world, including developing countries.

“That’s what I’m really passionate about,” she said.

Closer to home, one of the most rewarding experiences Dahl

has had at CSE was her time as a CSE Ambassador, a peer mentoring

group that pairs incoming freshmen in the college with

seniors, where she served last year as the group’s coordinator.

She herself was a freshman mentee in her first year in the college

and is now, in her final year as an undergraduate, serving as

a mentor. “I can’t speak highly enough of this program,” she said.

From that experience and similar experiences in the college,

she has fashioned a bit of sound advice for any student thinking

of enrolling in CSE.

“Create genuine relationships with those around you,” she

said. “Take advantage of getting to know your professors, the

CSE career and advising counselors, and the CSE administration.

They are all here to enhance your experience and will

take an interest in what you do. Remember: such relationships

are the currency of power.”