A collage of three students.

Beacons of light

Three students are guiding our next generation of leaders

What’s in an identity? A lot and yet some people don’t let their identities define them or hold them back.

Instead, they use who they identify as—be it woman, man, bi-cultural, immigrant, tall, short, quiet, etc.—to make the world a little easier to navigate for others.

In a year filled with so much turmoil, we found three College of Science and Engineering students at the University of Minnesota who are doing just that.

These future engineers—Allison Chang (EE ’21), Pauly Soulia (ME ’21), and Sylvester Nwosuji (BME M.S. ’21)—stood out because of their tendency to put others first.

They make it a point to serve as mentors, symbols of hope, and advocates for their peers across the college. They rejoice in bringing others, especially the generation coming up behind them, into their wonderful world of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

Learn about Allison Chang (Electrical Engineering ’21) in “Sunshine state to snowy plains.

Read about Pauly Soulia (Mechanical Engineering ’21) in “Of land and heritage.

Find out more about Sylvester Nwosuji (BME M.S. ’21) in “African roots, global view.

To see all three stories as they appeared in our Winter 2021 college magazine, visit cse.umn.edu/InventingTomorrow.

By Pauline Oo