Campaign gifts set new fundraising record

Gifts and pledges to the institute of technology totaled $32.8

million during the 2000-01 fiscal year, setting a new fundraising

record for the University of Minnesota Foundation and propelling

the college toward its $160 million Campaign Minnesota goal.

"Our goal [with Campaign Minnesota] is to provide the resources

to make IT's programs stand out among the very best," says IT dean

H. Ted Davis. "Our alumni and friends are committed to helping us

reach that goal, and our remarkable success this year certainly

reflects their enthusiasm." According to development director Phil

Oswald, gifts of all sizes contributed to the college's record-setting


"Last year we had more individual donors—5,906—than in

any previous year," says Oswald. "Clearly, our message resonates

with a large number of our alumni and friends."

IT also received its two largest gifts ever, $7 million from ADC

Telecommunications and $5 million from the Hubbard Foundation. ADC's

gift supported chairs and fellowships in digital technology; Hubbard's

funded the University's share in a new telescope—the most powerful

on Earth—now under construction in Arizona.

Raising money to provide support for students and faculty—scholarships,

fellowships, professorships, and chairs—remains IT's top priority

for the year ahead, says Oswald. In addition, the college hopes

to endow a new strategic research fund. The college must raise an

additional $59 million by 2003 to reach its Campaign Minnesota target.

"Our goals are ambitious," adds Davis, "but our alumni and friends

are strongly committed to helping us achieve them. We share the

belief that an investment in IT's programs and people is the most

effective, creative way of shaping the future."

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