Curious minds look to the future

Since its inception, the University of Minnesota College of Science and Engineering has acted like a magnet drawing the best and the brightest to its classrooms and research labs from across Minnesota, the United States, and the world at large.

Proof of this continuing power of attraction can be seen throughout the college and elsewhere. It can be seen in the cutting-edge teaching and research carried out by faculty. We see it in the academic and research accomplishments of CSE’s students. We also see it in the contributions to society made by CSE alumni, many of whom, in turn, demonstrate their esteem for CSE by making generous donations and establishing scholarships that enable future generations of student-seekers to follow their own dreams.

Scholarship assistance, which includes academic merit scholarships, named scholarships, and University scholarships, positively impacts the lives and pocketbooks of our CSE students. Your contributions help to ensure the outstanding caliber of our students and helps each CSE student to dream big.

To give you a better idea of the kind of high-achieving students who are today pursuing those dreams, we asked four of them to share their stories with us. What first attracted them to STEM fields and CSE? How have scholarships helped them achieve their goals? What are their plans for the future? And, above all, what challenging scientific or engineering problem do they dream of tackling—and solving—during the course of their careers?

[intlink id="10762" type="post"]Anthony Vecchi: The great outdoors[/intlink]

[intlink id="10772" type="post"]Megan Rubbelke: Building community[/intlink]

[intlink id="10777" type="post"]Michael Braun: Complex applications[/intlink]

[intlink id="10782" type="post"]Amanda Dahl: Curiosity is the word[/intlink]