Four musicians in a recording studio.

Marching to the beat of discovery

CSE students do their part for new Driven to Discover marketing campaign

Catchy and peppy... those adjectives come to mind when listening to the University of Minnesota's 2018-19 Driven to Discover campaign—and no wonder. Members of the University of Minnesota Marching Band were asked to create the soundtrack!

The group that ended up in the recording studio included College of Science and Engineering (CSE) graduates: Kevan Ahlquist (CompSci '14) on trumpet, Noah Germolus (EnvE '18) on saxophone, and Jacob Wright (ChemE '17) on sousaphone.

This year's Driven to Discover campaign, which launched Oct. 1, 2018, connects the University to the people of Minnesota as never before. Eight new stories—including two featuring CSE professors, Maria Gini and Michael McAlpine—take the public on a journey across our great state to show how our discoveries affect everyday Minnesotans, every day.

So, what went on behind the scenes of recording the music of the Driven to Discover campaign? Watch and listen. 

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