Scholarship helps student to achieve hopes of graduate school

While bettering the natural environment can be a hobby for some, it blazes a clear career path for senior Rena Weis, an environmental engineering major from the Elko New Market area in Minnesota.

“As a freshman, all I knew was that I wanted to study science,” Weis admitted. “Fortunately, I became aware of the new environmental engineering program and was admitted to the College of Science and Engineering during my third year of school.”

Despite her late start getting into the program, Weis continues to be extremely active in various on-campus student groups, holding leadership roles in the American Public Works Association, the American Society of Civil Engineers, Tau Beta Pi, Chi Epsilon, and the Society of Women Engineers. Because of her involvements and academic successes, Weis received the Dennis R. and Catherine M. Martenson Scholarship along with various other awards.

“Being involved in these groups allows me to develop and demonstrate leadership skills while learning about the eld of engineering and networking with fellow students and professional engineers,” she said.

Weis hopes to pursue a graduate degree in environmental engineering and later work in the consulting eld. She credits her scholarship with placing her dream of a master’s degree more within reach.

“Receiving a scholarship through the College of Science and Engineering has been a great honor and has eased the financial burden of my final year of undergraduate study,” Weis concluded. “Additionally, this scholarship has made my goal of attending graduate school more economically feasible.”

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