Scholarship helps student focus on career of providing clean water worldwide

Many students aspire to use their degrees to make substantial differences in developing countries around the world, but few can boast the goal of making clean water available to all people.

Henry Croll, a senior from Eagan, Minn., has the potential to do just that. A civil engineering major with a focus on water and environmental engineering, he hopes to not only make an impact in his community but to make an impact worldwide.

“I chose this path because the presence or absence of clean water in a person’s life can drastically change the overall quality of that life,” Croll said. “We are very blessed living in Minnesota, in the United States, but we take a lot for granted.”

Croll is involved in various student groups across campus, ranging from Engineers Without Borders (an engineering outreach organization) to Campus Navigators (a university Christian group). He also won a bronze award in the Domestic Division of the University's 2016 Acara Challenge sustainability competition for his idea to use a simple, recently developed hydroponic system that could be used by fresh vegetable growers.

He is the recipient of numerous scholarships including the Bonestroo, Rosene, Anderlik & Assoc. Scholarship, Clifton T. Barker Scholarship, and the Florence Hanson Waits Endowment Fund Scholarship. Scholarships have afforded him both the opportunity to stay involved in meaningful ways and the opportunity to focus on his studies instead of worrying about paying for college.

“I chose the U of M for two reasons,” Croll stated. “The first is that they offered me scholarships, which took away much of the burden of attending school. The second is that staying near home gave me a chance to stay connected with my younger siblings.”

Croll plans to complete his master’s degree at the University of Minnesota in Environmental Engineering. He credits his scholarship for allowing him to better focus on his studies and zero in on his goal of providing sustainable communities to people in need around the world.

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