U focuses on goals for campaign's final year

Campaign Minnesota has surpassed its $1.3 billion goal a year ahead

of schedule, University leaders announced in May, but the University

still must raise $150 million to meet key campaign goals.

During its final year, the campaign will focus on reaching its

fundraising goals for student support and libraries and for each

campus and college.

The centerpiece of the campaign's final year will be raising

the $38.5 million still needed for undergraduate scholarships, graduate

fellowships, and enrichment opportunities such as study abroad.

"Students are at the core of the University's mission,"

says Russ Bennett, a 1952 graduate and volunteer campaign chair.

"The campaign has made a giant step toward helping us attract

the best students and easing the burden of rising tuition, but more

remains to be done."

University Libraries—which need another $5 million in gifts

before the campaign ends—are a second priority. Funding is

needed for building and maintaining expensive and rare collections,

and expanding technology and services for libraries on all University


The third priority is to fund the remaining needs for individual

campuses, colleges, and programs. At the college level, IT must

raise nearly $52 million to meet its $160 million goal, says Dean

H. Ted Davis.

"Our major priorities mirror those of the University,"

says Davis. "Support for student scholarships and libraries

top the list, but funds for faculty support, research, and strategic

investments are critical, too."

Campaign officials began a special effort this year to reach out

to all alumni to give everyone an opportunity to participate, says

Bennett. "I believe that what we do now will determine whether

Minnesota will continue to have a great research university that

our children and grandchildren can attend."