GoldPASS instructions

To access GoldPASS:

  1. Go to the GoldPASS website and select “Employers Login.”
  2. Select “New User?”
  3. You’ll be prompted to search for your organization. Enter your organization’s name to see if an account already exists. If an account already exists, select it. A form will appear at the bottom of the screen to add your own contact information.
  4. If no account exists for your organization, select “Can’t Find Organization.”
  5. Complete all required information and as much of the optional information as you prefer.
  6. Select the “Register” button at the bottom of the page.
  7. Read our User Agreement.
  8. Select the “Submit Profile” button to finish.

NOTE: Allow for one to two business days for your account to be reviewed and approved.

To request an on-campus interview date:

  1. Log in to the GoldPASS website and select the “Interview On-Campus” tab.
  2. From the drop-down menu, select “Add New Interview Schedule.”
  3. Complete all required fields and as many of the optional fields as you prefer.
  4. When selecting the host office, choose the career office where you would like to hold the interviews. Our office is the “College of Science and Engineering Career Center.”
  5. If you have any special needs, be sure to specify in the section titled “Additional Request Information.”
  6. Select “Save.”

NOTE: Allow for one to two business days for your schedule to be reviewed by the CSE Career Center. A representative will contact you about next steps.

Types of interview schedules:

  • Open: This type of schedule involves a system screening process only. Students who meet the requirements can sign themselves up for an interview.
  • Preselect: This type of schedule involves a system and employer screening process. Students who meet the requirements must submit a request. Employers view all requests and select all interview candidates.
  • Preselect Continuous: This type of schedule involves a system and employer screening process. Students who meet the requirements may submit an interview request. Employers review interview requests and make interview decisions on an ongoing basis.
  • Resume Collection: This type of schedule does not have an interview date. It is only used to collect resumes for employers. This is often used when employers handle the interview scheduling on their own or learn the type of interest students might have in the job posting.
  • Career fair interview schedules: For employers who only want to collect resumes at the fall or spring career fair, select the “Resume Collection” schedule. In the “Additional Request Information” note whether you want to collect resumes in GoldPASS prior to career fair or at the career fair only. The employer is responsible for scheduling candidates selected for interviews.


Generally, employers choose to interview each student for 30, 45, or 60 minutes. Schedules in GoldPASS begin at 8:30 a.m. and have mid-morning, lunch, and afternoon breaks built into the schedule. Interviews generally conclude by 4 p.m.

For employers setting their own schedule, our office has 30-, 45-, or 60-minute schedule templates available for your use.

If you have additional questions or need assistance, contact the CSE Career Center at or 612-624-4090.