Hosting a student information session

Step-by-step instructions for scheduling a career event

The first step of planning your information session for science and engineering students at the University of Minnesota is requesting an Event in GoldPASS powered by Handshake, our online recruiting database. Register by visiting the GoldPASS website.

Registering your event

GoldPASS allows you to request an information session directly through the system. After logging into GoldPASS, click "Create an Event" located on the home screen. You will then be prompted to fill out appropriate fields.

Important tip:

  • One of the best ways to market your event to students is by ensuring the information submitted in the Description part of your information session request in GoldPASS is as thorough as possible. Students have many choices as to which information sessions they want to attend, particularly in the days surrounding a career fair. It is to your benefit to make sure the information you submit catches a student’s attention.

Reserving a room

Option 1: We can sponsor a classroom request on your behalf. If selecting this option, be aware that there is more availability during evening hours (typically 5-8 p.m.) due to classroom use during the day. Students are also more likely to attend in the evening hours after their classes are done for the day.

Note: The College of Science and Engineering Career Center is happy to sponsor classroom space, however, we request that you return the space to the original set-up. Please leave the classroom in good condition by removing food boxes and trash to the hallway trash cans. Remove extra materials and handouts from the room.

Option 2: Reserve a room directly with the Coffman Student Union. If you choose this option, please send event details to the College of Science and Engineering Career Center so we can promote your event.

Coffman Student Union contact:

Coffman Student Union Reservations website
Phone: 612-624-9954


To assist with marketing, we include all information sessions in our student newsletter that goes out to all undergraduate students in the College of Science and Engineering each week. All information sessions are also included in GoldPASS for students to view. We highly encourage companies to do additional marketing on their end to increase the number of students at information sessions. Here are a couple ways we suggest marketing your event:

  • Reach out to student groups for promotional assistance. To find CSE student groups, please visit the Student Groups web page.
  • Create a customized flyer. If you would like to create a customized flyer, we can send it to specific academic departments for majors that you'd like to see at your event. More information about this option will be included in confirmation materials.


Students are more likely to attend information sessions when companies provide free food. Different catering options around campus will be included in confirmation materials.

For more information

If you have additional questions or need assistance, contact the CSE Career Center at or 612-624-4090.