Job offer guidelines for employers


The College of Science and Engineering at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities understands the competitive and deadline-driven process of recruiting. In our experience, students who are pressured into making hasty decisions on employment offers may renege on those offers. To reduce the likelihood of reneging, we ask that employers allow students to fully participate in recruiting activities, including career fairs, information sessions, networking events, and on-campus interviews. 

We ask that employers adhere to the following policies:

  • Employers should strive to give adequate time to students to fully consider a job offer, ideally two to three weeks, and in some cases longer (see below).  
  • Employers must refrain from any practice that places unreasonable pressure on students, as defined by NACE’s Principles for Ethical Professional Practice
  • Employers should communicate their employment decisions to candidates as soon as possible. If delays arise within the hiring process, employers should provide updates to the candidate, if possible.
  • All employment offers should be in writing.
  • Occasionally, students may make requests for additional time to make their decision. We hope that you will consider these requests so that students may fully explore all opportunities and seek the advice of the CSE Career Center, if needed.
  • Exploding offers or other time-sensitive incentives that could place undue pressure on students are prohibited.

The College of Science and Engineering asks that employers comply with the following recruiting timelines for fall and spring recruitment cycles.

Fall Recruitment

For summer intern to full-time conversion offers and returning internship offers:
The employment offer must remain open until October 15 or a minimum of three weeks, whichever occurs later. 

For new internship and full-time positions:
The employment offer must remain open for a minimum of three weeks.

Spring Recruitment 

The employment offer must remain open for a minimum of two weeks.


The CSE Career Center is available to answer any questions about employment offers. Please contact us at 612-624-4090 or