Matching funds for sponsored projects

The College of Science and Engineering is committed to providing matching funds for equipment on sponsored projects. Priority is given for awards where:

  • The agency requires a match that cannot be satisfied with in-kind contributions or academic year salary cost sharing
  • The acquisition of equipment will support the research infrastructure of the college

Under special circumstances and pending availability of funds, matching funds may be provided for personnel costs, travel and supplies. Each situation will be considered individually.

The college will typically fund two-thirds of the agreed match; the department or center will provide the remaining one-third. In special situations, the Associate Dean for Finance and Planning will request partial support from the Office of the Vice President for Research Dean of the Graduate School. If the actual project award is less than the amount in the proposal, the match will be reduced proportionately.

To request a match, the principal investigator should write to the Associate Dean for Finance and Planning and include:

  • Agency
  • Proposal title
  • Amount requested
  • A statement addressing the priorities listed above
  • Department head approval with commitment to provide one-third of request
  • Cumulative line item budget

The request can be completed by email and should be received by the Associate Dean no later than three days prior to the agency submission deadline. Requests for matching funds greater than $50,000 must be received at least five working days prior to the submission deadline.

For more information:

College contact:

Office of the Dean

Approved: September 10, 2001  

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