Payroll and accounting support team

About us

The CSE payroll and accounting support team enters payroll appointments, position requests and updates; serves as backup for departments; and prepares EFS documents for select units.


Payroll and Accounting Support Team staff

  • Nancy Cook—Supports CSESS for payroll, EFS documents, and purchasing.  Supports CharFac, CSE-IT, and UNITE for EFS documents and purchasing. 
  • Char Psihos—Supports Computer Science and Engineering for payroll
  • Marcus Shannon—Supports AEM, CEMS, CharFac, DTC, ECE, ESci, IMA, IPRIME, MRSEC, SAFL, and UNITE for payroll.  Additional roles: collegiate I9 administrator, back up voucher specialist 
  • Fatima Naqvi—Supports CBI, CEGE, Chem, HST, ISyE, MDC, Mech, MGS, MnNano, and Physics and Astronomy for payroll. Additional roles: collegiate I9 administrator, back up for unit purchasing, PCard, and ER needs.
  • Martin Carlsen- Temporarily supports Anderson Labs, BME, the Dean's Office, CSE-IT, Math, MathCEP, Shops, and TLI for payroll.  Primary roles: Primary I9 administrator, coordinates EFS back up done by payroll team, audits payroll entry, back up to payroll manager.

Payroll resources