Recruiting students FAQ

How do I advertise my internship and full-time positions to science and engineering students?

The best way to advertise your positions is to post them on GoldPASS, the University of Minnesota job and internship database.

All students are directed to search for jobs, internships, and co-ops on GoldPASS. In fact, all College of Science and Engineering freshmen are required to activate their GoldPASS account as part of their first-year experience course.

What is the average salary for science and engineering graduates?

Salaries can depend on a variety of factors including industry, region, experience, and more. View our most recent salary data for College of Science and Engineering graduates.

What is the average pay for science and engineering interns?

Class of 2016 CSE graduates reported the following average internship salaries (hourly rate):

  • All majors - $18.50
  • Engineering – $18.20
  • Computer science  – $20.51
  • Mathematics and statistics – $18.63
  • Physical sciences – $15.12

Internship salaries can vary by region, company size, industry, year in school, experience, etc.

Can I reach out directly to student organizations to promote my job and internship openings?

The first step to recruiting on our campus is to post your positions in GoldPASS. After you’ve posted your position, employers may contact student organizations directly to inquire about ways to promote openings. Learn more about CSE student groups.

Be sure to keep the CSE Career Center informed of your connections with student groups so we can assist with any promotion and follow-up.

What is the recruiting timeline for science and engineering students and graduates?

The College of Science and Engineering generally has two recruiting cycles a year – fall and spring semesters. The college's career fairs typically kick-off the recruiting for each semester. Companies often attend the career fair and then follow-up with a recruiting event and interviews on campus.

Many companies will recruit full-time, spring graduates, and summer interns during fall semester. However, we have companies recruiting year-round, and students look for positions throughout the year.

Is there a way can I reach out to qualified students directly for a position I'm hiring for?

Yes, you can search resumes in GoldPASS by selecting criteria that meets your job requirements. This is a free service. Log into GoldPASS to search the student database from your homepage.

NOTE: Third-party recruiting organizations do not have access to the resume search feature of GoldPASS. This is a University of Minnesota campus-wide policy.

Is there an employer mailing list to keep me updated about career fairs and recruiting events?

Yes, contact the CSE Career Center at 612-624-4090 or