Universal Laser Systems laser cutter

Universal Laser Systems Laser Cutter

Equipment category: YELLOW


Used for 2D cutting and engraving of a variety of materials. The Student Design Lab has four 150-Watt Universal PLS6.150D laser cutters that can cut parts up to 32 x 18 inches. They are located in Mechanical Engineering Room 2134G.


Only approved materials may be used on the laser cutter. These include:

You may bring in your own materials to cut. Sheet material is available to purchase from the College of Design's DigiFabLab in Rapson Hall. For more information, see the DigiFabLab website.


Watch the laser cutter overview video, and then University of Minnesota students, staff, and faculty should read the laser cutter tutorial guide. Go to the Student Design Lab during open hours to use the laser cutters.

After-hours use

Ask a staff member at the front desk for training if you want to receive 24/7 U Card access to the laser cutters. You must attend a general lab orientation session before getting 24/7 access to the laser cutters. For more information about access, visit the Anderson Innovation Labs access web page.