Multi-Touch Querying on Data Physicalizations in Immersive AR [journal]


Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction - November 5, 2021


Bridger Herman (Ph.D. student), Maxwell Omdal (M.S. 2021), Stephanie Zeller, Clara A Richter (REU student researcher), Francesca Samsel (adjunct assistant professor), Dr Greg Abram, Daniel F Keefe (associate professor)


Data physicalizations (3D printed terrain models, anatomical scans, or even abstract data) can naturally engage both the visual and haptic senses in ways that are difficult or impossible to do with traditional planar touch screens and even immersive digital displays. Yet, the rigid 3D physicalizations produced with today's most common 3D printers are fundamentally limited for data exploration and querying tasks that require dynamic input (e.g., touch sensing) and output (e.g., animation), functions that are easily handled with digital displays. We introduce a novel style of hybrid virtual + physical visualization designed specifically to support interactive data exploration tasks. Working toward a "best of both worlds" solution, our approach fuses immersive AR, physical 3D data printouts, and touch sensing through the physicalization. We demonstrate that this solution can support three of the most common spatial data querying interactions used in scientific visualization (streamline seeding, dynamic cutting places, and world-in-miniature visualization). Finally, we present quantitative performance data and describe a first application to exploratory visualization of an actively studied supercomputer climate simulation data with feedback from domain scientists.

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Multi-Touch Querying on Data Physicalizations in Immersive AR


augmented reality, immersive computing