RED: A Real-Time Datalogging Toolkit for Remote Experiments [conference paper]


IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces Abstracts and Workshops (VRW) - March 27-April 2, 2021


Sam Adeniyi (Ph.D. student), Evan Suma Rosenberg (assistant professor), Jerald Thomas (Ph.D. student)


The ability to conduct experiments on virtual reality systems has become increasingly compelling as the world continues to migrate towards remote research, affecting the feasibility of conducting in-person studies with human participants. The Remote Experiment Datalogger (RED) Toolkit is an open-source library designed to simplify the administration of remote experiments requiring continuous real-time data collection. Our design consists of a REST server, implemented using the Flask framework, and a client API for transparent integration with multiple game engines. We foresee the RED Toolkit serving as a building block for the handling of future remote experiments across a multitude of circumstances.

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RED: A Real-Time Datalogging Toolkit for Remote Experiments


virtual reality