CSpotlight: A vision for a more accessible future

B.S. student aims to develop artificial intelligence tools to aid those who are visually impaired

Lucas Nadolskis is an international student from Brazil, currently studying computer science and integrative neuroscience. His aspiration to create more accessible tools for the visually impaired led him to the University of Minnesota and the Department of Computer Science & Engineering.


Currently, Lucas is working in the Visual Information Processing Lab, assisting Dr. Catherine Zhao as an undergraduate research assistant. With his determination and enthusiasm toward computer science, Lucas has become an esteemed member in Dr. Zhao’s team.

Dr. Zhao agrees. "Lucas is one of the most passionate students I have ever met,” she said. “He is filled with enthusiasm and curiosity for AI and human intelligence. With his solid technical background and unique personal experiences, he understands the existing gaps between AI and human intelligence, and is well motivated to address some of them. I cannot say enough about his positivity, persistence, engagement, as well as his many accomplishments. It is a real pleasure to have him in our group and it has been great to watch him grow and develop.”




Lucas has already made great strides within the field of computer science and the entire CS&E community cannot wait to see what he accomplishes in the future. Professor Maria Gini, who taught Lucas this year, shared “what I find amazing about Lucas is that he possesses an insatiable passion for using technology. Nothing is too difficult for him, and he is not afraid to explore new ideas and new places."