Knights named 2020 Highly Cited Researcher

A newly released list indicates a number of University of Minnesota faculty are among the most influential researchers in their fields.

Twenty-two current UMN researchers, including Computer Science & Engineering Associate Professor Dan Knights, are named in the 2020 Highly Cited Researchers list, published by insight and analytics firm Clarivate Analytics. The international list recognizes researchers who published multiple highly cited papers during the last decade, and whose citation records place them in the top 1 percent of citation counts for field and publication year according to Clarivate’s Web of Science citation index.

Citations are one way to measure how published research informs future research in a field and helps to inspire new lines of scientific inquiry. High citation counts demonstrate that a researcher’s work has been frequently referenced by their peers and suggests that it may also have contributed substantially to advancing knowledge in their field.

“In the race for knowledge, it is human capital that is fundamental and this list identifies and celebrates exceptional individual researchers who are having a great impact on the research community as measured by the rate at which their work is being cited by others,” said David Pendlebury, senior citation analyst at Clarivate’s Institute for Scientific Information.

See the 2020 Highly Cited Researchers report for details on methodology and insights into global trends.

Written by Kevin Coss for Office of the Vice President for Research.