Kumar's climate work featured on Minnesota Public Radio

A recent episode of Minnesota Public Radio's Climate Cast podcast highlighted the new NSF-funded AI-based climate modeling center of which University of Minnesota researchers are key collaborators.

MPR News meteorologist Paul Huttner interviewed CS&E professor Vipin Kumar about how the project will help improve future climate models.

“If you’re living in New York City, should we build a seawall, and how tall should it be? If you’re living in California and Texas, what are the projections for water availability? Maybe we’ll have to choose some different crops [there],” Kumar shared during the interview.

“There are a whole bunch of planning decisions that people are going to have to make, and being able to understand what’s going to happen with the changing climate is extremely important,” he continued.

As part of the new center, Professor Kumar and other University of Minnesota researchers will lead the development of a new generation of machine learning algorithms that are able to leverage scientific knowledge to identify relationships between different components of the global climate system even in presence of limited data.

Climate Cast is a podcast that discusses the latest research on our changing climate. Hear more from Kumar on the MPR website.