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AI CLIMATE researching gather around map for conversation

AI for a Changing World

CS&E researchers are applying AI techniques to combat climate change, improve medical outcomes, and help humans better understand to utilize technology.

Three CS&E faculty members on a panel

Faculty Recruiting Now Open

Faculty and instructional positions are now posted! Applications will be accepted until all positions are filled.

Lind Hall Diversity Wall

Lind Hall Diversity Wall

The third floor of Lind Hall now features the Diversity Wall, which highlights the computer science contributions of marginalized groups throughout history.

Maria Paula Cadena Amortegui posing in front of a park

Creating a Safe Space for Hispanics in STEM

Maria Paula Cadena Amortegui works to create a space for Hispanic women in STEM

Meet the 2023-24 CS-IDEA Committee

Our mission is to to attract and retain diverse students, staff, and faculty in computer science and engineering and help all students, staff, and faculty thrive within the Department of Computer
Ju Sun poses in Keller Hall

Ju Sun Receives $4.5M in Funding for Medical AI Projects and Beyond

Sun’s lab GLOVEX works at the intersection of machine and deep learning, numerical optimization, computer vision, and data science, with an aspiration to push the frontiers of AI in order to tackle


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The Department of Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Minnesota has come a long way in the past 50 years. We have made tremendous progress and have become one of the most vibrant and interdisciplinary departments within the College of Science and Engineering, the University of Minnesota, and the computer science field at large.

Watch and listen to stories of how the department started, the years of growth, and where we are headed in the future.