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AI CLIMATE researching gather around map for conversation

Shashi Shekhar to Lead New $20M AI Institute

Professor The AI-CLIMATE institute will focus on climate-smart agriculture and forestry to increase carbon sequestration.

Jaanon Anbar poses for photo while abroad

Internship Lineup: Jaanon Anbar

Jaanon Anbar is a computer science B.A. student with a minor in psychology. She is working on the enterprise imaging team this summer at M Health Fairview.

Lind Hall Diversity Wall

Lind Hall Diversity Wall

The third floor of Lind Hall now features the Diversity Wall, which highlights the computer science contributions of marginalized groups throughout history.

Skyler Dargis headshot

CSpotlight: Creativity and Coding

Computer Science B.A. student Skyler Dargis shares her experience as a computer science and theatre arts double major.
Headshot of Athreyi Badithela

CSpotlight: Computer Science and Machine Learning

Computer science student Athreyi Badithela talks about their experience with research and outreach within the field.
Qianwen Wang headshot

Meet the Faculty - Qianwen Wang

Qianwen Wang joined the Department of Computer Science & Engineering in fall 2023 as an assistant professor. Prior to joining the University of Minnesota, Wang served as a post-doctoral


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The Department of Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Minnesota has come a long way in the past 50 years. We have made tremendous progress and have become one of the most vibrant and interdisciplinary departments within the College of Science and Engineering, the University of Minnesota, and the computer science field at large.

Watch and listen to stories of how the department started, the years of growth, and where we are headed in the future.