FastX3: Remote Graphical Linux Desktop


FastX3 is the next generation virtual lab software. It offers significant performance improvements over the current FastX2, as well as fixing some world-breaking bugs. 

How to Access 

FastX2 on Personal Workstations

If you require FastX2 on your CSE-IT maintained personal workstation or office computer please contact CSE-IT.


Usage should be identical to current the virtual lab environment, with the following improvements:

  1. Gnome is available as an operating environment. This means the virtual lab desktop environment can look identical to the physical lab desktop environment. XFCE is still available for those who prefer a more lightweight environment.
  2. Cut and Paste is straightforward and should Just Work™. The user may be prompted to allow access to the clipboard upon initial session creation.
  3. Electron-based applications (such as VS Code and Atom) should not break the system.

Rollout Milestones

  • August 20, 2021: FastX3 is available on all CSE Labs computers, except in Keller Hall 4-250.
  • August 3, 2021: A pilot of FastX3, a way to remotely connect to a graphical Linux Desktop is available to try out on Walter B28 Lab computers.