Install Your Own Virtual CSE Labs Machine

You can install your own virtual machine on your personal computer, and get an Ubuntu desktop that is similar to a CSE lab machine. This virtual machine does not require internet connectivity, and has most software a CSE lab or VOLE has.

Feature comparison between a physical CSE Lab computer and a virtual desktop
Feature CSE Lab Computer Virtual Machine
Ubuntu Linux OS Yes Yes
Software Yes Most
Graphical Interface Yes Yes
CSE Home Directory Yes No
UMN Login Credentials Yes No
Access to modules Yes No

Installing the Virtual CSE Labs Machine

  1. Download and install VirtualBox.
  2. Download the current LTS version of Ubuntu.
  3. Create a virtual machine with VirtualBox and the LTS version of Ubuntu.
  4. Start the virtual machine.
  5. In the virtual machine:
    1. Open a web browser.
    2. Download the CSE Get Packages script (UMN login required).
    3. Open Terminal.
    4. Navigate to the Get Packages script.
    5. Run the script.
      • Note: the script will take some time to run and complete.
        • If you need to stop the script, press Ctrl + C on the keyboard.
        • You can rerun the script at a later time to complete setup.
      • Recommended installation settings
        • Select mail deliver: local
        • Select window manager: lightdm
    6. Your virtual CSE Labs machine is ready to use.

Troubleshooting Installation

  • Error: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock-frontend
    • Ubuntu may still be updating after the virtual machine installation.
    • Wait 30 minutes and try running the script again.