Research Lab and Instrument Host Support

Provides hardware and software support to accommodate research desktops and scientific instrument hosts that require IT technical assistance.

What's Included

  • Operating system deployment for Windows, macOS, and Ubuntu computers using University-standard software and tools.
  • Hardware support for University-standard vendors such as Dell and Apple.
  • Software support
    • Installation and patching of research-related software.
    • Assisting instrument vendors and research personnel to install instrument-specific software.
  • Full support for managed hosts, per CSE platform-specific policies.
    • Automatic patching of OS and common applications.
  • Support and security for obsolete operating system exceptions, including exploration of upgrade or remediation with vendors.
  • Home directory allocation and support on systems that are not in Active Directory.

What's Not Included

  • Support of administrative desktops or laptops is available via our Supplemental Support: Computer and Device Support service.

Use Guidance

Use Guidance - Preferred

Given preference, where possible.

Life Cycle Phase

Life Cycle Phase - Available

Currently available for use.


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