LabVIEW is a graphical programming environment used by engineers and scientists to develop measurement, test, and control systems using graphical icons and wires that resemble a flowchart.

Availability Cost
Student For installation on a student’s personal device. $16 for UMTC students Paid by student with a credit card or PayPal account
Student For Installation on a University-owned device. Not available.
Employee For installation on an employee’s personal device. Not available.
Employee For installation on an employee's University-owned device. University-funded: No charge for CSE employees.

Instructions for Students

See OIT's LabVIEW information.

Instructions for Employees

Email to request access to the LabView installer(s) and serial number(s).

Terms and Conditions


Home usage by Twin Cities campus employees is allowed under our National Instruments LabView Concurrent License:

As long as a license is purchased and current from OIT, an individual who is a primary user of a single UMN owned computer on which the LabView software is installed and used may also install and use the LabView software on one (1) computer located in such user′s home, provided that

  • (i) the use of the software is pursuant to one of these licenses; concurrent use license, or academic research license; and
  • (ii) the use of the LabView software on such home computer is limited to work performed in the scope of such person′s employment with the University of Minnesota and complies with all terms and conditions of the signed Agreement.

The LabView software must be promptly uninstalled from the individual’s home computer upon the termination of the designated individual’s employment, the non renewal of the license to use the software with OIT or the termination of the National Instruments LabView Agreement (whichever is earlier). 

Additionally, under a single users license the software may be installed on up to three (3) computers, as long as the software is used on one computer at a time: 

  1. Primary work computer
  2. Home computer
  3. Lab or second work computer


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