SOLIDWORKS is a complete CAD teaching tool that includes software, a full curriculum, and interactive courseware for teaching & learning these subjects:

  • 3D mechanical CAD
  • Design validation
  • Data management
Availability Cost
Student For installation on a student’s personal device. University-funded: No charge for CSE students.
Student For Installation on a University-owned device. Not available.
Employee For installation on an employee’s personal device. Not available.
Employee For installation on an employee's University-owned device. University-funded: No charge for CSE employees.

Download Instructions

  1. Create a CSE Labs account if you do not have one.
  2. Visit the CSE Solidworks download page.
  3. Log in with your University Internet Account, if prompted.
  4. Review the Solidworks End User License Agreement.
  5. Check I have read the license agreement and I agree to the terms and conditions after reading and agreeing to the End User License Agreement.
  6. Click E-mail me my personal activation key.
  7. Follow instructions in the activation email.

Terms and Conditions

OIT’s General Technology Products Terms & Conditions apply to this software license.

Solidworks End User License Agreement applies to this software license.

License at a Glance

  • Solidworks can only be used for instructional use.
  • Solidworks cannot be used for commercial use or research purposes.
  • Solidworks cannot be used for team design projects or competitions.

Additional Information

See the Solidworks Terms of Use and End User License Agreement.


“Educational Purpose” means classroom or laboratory learning by Qualified Students or instruction or preparation of courses by Qualified Instructors. Educational Purposes may also include Capstone or other student projects if the work is non-proprietary, does not create or transfer Intellectual Property and the results will become part of the public domain. Educational Purposes do not include Research Purposes, Commercial Purposes or Curriculum Development.

  • a) The SWEE shall be used only for Educational Purposes by Qualified Students and Qualified Instructors of Qualified Education Institutions.
  • b) The SWEE shall be installed only on computers owned or leased by a Qualified Student or Qualified Instructor of a Qualified Education Institution.
  • c) The SWEE shall be managed and maintained only by Qualified Students, Qualified Instructors or faculty or staff of a Qualified Institution.
  • d) The SWEE is provided as a single-use (stand-alone) or SolidWorks Network License (SNL) installation. SNL installations are for use at single sites only. A single site is one location or campus of a Qualified Education Institution. Multi-site network licenses are also available – please contact your reseller for details.A
  • e) Qualified Education Institutions shall advertise only those courses that require or allow use of the SWEE in a physical or digital course catalogue and may not advertise any such courses via any other printed or digital media.
  • f) The SWEE contains on-screen and printing features (Watermarks) that identify files as having been created with the “SolidWorks Education Edition.” Files created by the SWEE may not be used for Commercial or Research Purposes. DS SolidWorks holds no liability or obligation to remove transmitted Watermarks from Research or Commercial files if deliberate or accidental interaction occurs.


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