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Dodd votes for emergency drought relief legislation; bill headed to governor's desk

Lake County News

The package, which was unveiled last week by Gov. Jerry Brown, Senate President Pro Tem de León, and Assembly Speaker Atkins, passed with bipartisan support, and now goes to the Governor for his signature. “The impacts of the drought have been felt ...

Leaked TPP plan raises concerns

The Australian

A leaked secret dispute-settlement provision of a pending US trade deal with Asia is raising concerns among nonprofit groups which say it favours big companies over governments. The classified document, released by WikiLeaks on Wednesday, deals with a ...

GOP's “religious freedom” riot: How a bigoted Indiana law could roil GOP primary


The rapid realignment of public and judicial opinion over the last decade toward gay rights has embroiled the Christian right in an existential crisis. That's the way they see it, at least, which is why they're framing the advance of gay rights in America as an ...

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