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A perfectly round 'anti-smartphone' is coming out later this year

Businessinsider India

Later this year, a small company called Monohm will release the Runcible, the world's first perfectly round smartphone, in Japan. But it's not just a smartphone. The company is marketing it as an "heirloom" smartphone - it even calls it an "anti-smartphone.

Ericsson Sues Apple for Infringement, and More

Wall Street Journal

Ericsson is suing Apple for patent infringement, Intel talks about a password-free future and Keanu Reeves has a new motorcycle. Plus, Joe Morgenstern reviews 'Queen and Country.' Photo: Getty. Transcript +. This transcript has been automatically ...

Google Reveals Plans for Futuristic, Flexible Headquarters

PC Magazine

Google is taking its exploration of modular devices to greater heights, with a wacky new proposal for its Mountain View headquarters. The search giant's plan, submitted today to the Mountain View City Council, would redevelop four sites where it already has ...

Google share price: Internet search giant pays $25 million for '.app' TLD


Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL), the world's largest online search company, has paid $25 million in a recent ICANN auction to acquire the top-level-domain (TLD) “.app”. The winning bid by Google-owned company Charleston Road Registry Inc is believed to ...

NASA Is Just Killing It With These Earth-Watching Satellites


Five satellites launched in the past year are keeping an eye on Earth, wind and fire. And water. Don't Miss Out —. Follow us on: Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube. by Eric Roston. 11:21 AM PST February 27, 2015. This map shows solar-induced ...

NASA OKs Sunday Spacewalk, Says Astronaut Helmet Water Leak Not a Threat


A tiny bit of water that leaked into an astronaut's helmet after a spacewalk on Wednesday poses no threat, clearing the way for another outing Sunday to rig the International Space Station for new space taxis, NASA said on Friday. Space station flight engineer ...

GOP accuses Democrat of trying to 'silence' climate science skeptics

The Hill

Eleven Senate Republicans wrote letters to universities Friday saying they're “deeply concerned” with a Democratic investigation into industry funding of contrarian climate research. Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.), chairman of the Environment and Public Works ...

VLC 2.2 for Windows: Hands-on first impressions


Products that try to be all things to all people are typically mediocre at everything. The free and open-source VLC—the VideLAN player—comes closer to pulling it off than any software on the market, paid or free. Personally, I have a love/hate relationship with ...

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