Sai Kumar Kayala earns top honors for capstone project

Data Science master’s student Sai Kumar Kayala was awarded “Best Graduate Student Video” at this year’s Data Science Poster Fair. He was honored for his project, “DeepFake Detection Using Deep Learning”.

Instead of submitting posters for in-person evaluation, this year’s capstone projects were submitted via video. Each student prepared and submitted a five-minute video, highlighting their research under the guidance of their faculty advisor. All submissions were reviewed by a panel of faculty judges, and the winning projects were selected.

Winning projects

Best Graduate Student Video

  • Student name: Sai Kumar Kayala
  • Capstone project title: DeepFake Detection using Deep Learning
  • Advisor: Daniel Boley

Graduate Student Video Runner-Up

  • Student name: Alexander Long
  • Capstone project title: Assessing Sensitivity of Income Inequality Measurements to Gerrymandering
  • Advisor: Shashi Shekhar

Graduate Student Video Runner-Up

  • Student name: Suhail Alnahari
  • Capstone project title: Zooniverse Raccoon Project: Accelerating Crowd-Sourcing using Machine Learning
  • Advisor: Lucy Fortson