Update on courses for Fall 2020

The modality of courses has been officially updated in the registration system. You can find the changes to courses you’re enrolled in or interested in taking on Schedule Builder. You will notice that many of our courses will be offered online. Online courses will note if the course is being offered synchronously or asynchronously. There are a few courses which will have an in-person component using socially distanced labs or discussion rooms.

Note: Currently there is a display error for the following courses: CSCI 4011, CSCI 5103, and CSCI 5523. Please check the course notes for the most up to date modality information. These courses will be remote.

Below is an example of how to see this information in Schedule Builder:

1.) Use the link above or go to schedulebuilder.umn.edu and search or “CSCI” (or the appropriate department designation) in Schedule Builder. You can search for specific courses as well (e.g. CSCI 1133).

Schedule Builder screenshot step 1

2.) Select a course from the list. At the top of the page you can filter the search results by level (e.g. 1000-level course results only).

Schedule Builder screenshot step 2

3.) The “Notes” area should provide course delivery format information. If you can’t find this information here or you are confused by the note, please contact csdesk@umn.edu (for Computer Science & Engineering courses) or the listed instructor.

Schedule Builder screenshot step 3

We recommend that you send inquiries to the following contacts based on your questions:

  • Modality specifics - contact the listed instructor for details.

  • Changes to your schedule due to modality updates - contact your Academic Advisor or Graduate Program Coordinator if adjustments or alternative course options are needed.

  • This announcement pertains to CSCI courses. Contact the department offering a course to inquire about modality (i.e. contact the Math Department regarding MATH courses).

  • If you are on the waitlist for a CSCI course or the class in completely full (no waitlist spots) you will need to reach out to the listed instructor to request a seat. We recommend emailing the instructor a few days before the start of the class.