College of Science and Engineering at the University of Minnesota
College of Science and Engineering

Departments & Majors


Our unique combination of engineering, physical sciences, mathematics, and computer science departments within one college provides a comprehensive, quality education.

Undergraduate Majors

You can turn your interest in science and math into a career you'll love. Choose from 19 majors, obtain a dual degree, or create an interdisciplinary or combined degree program. 

Graduate Degrees/Programs

Our graduate programs are among the best in the nation, with top-ranked programs in science, engineering, and mathematics that are committed to excellence, diversity, interdisciplinary study, and innovation.

Professional Development

To support and encourage lifelong learning, we offer a variety of professional development opportunities that include lectures, online learning, short courses, seminars, and more.

Additional Degree-granting Programs

Our students, faculty, and industry partners have the opportunity to be part of a unique educational experience that offers experiential learning on complex projects requiring collaborations with students in other fields, which mirrors what they'll find in the workplace.