College of Science and Engineering at the University of Minnesota
College of Science and Engineering

Professional Development and Continuing Education

To support and encourage lifelong learning, the College of Science and Engineering offers several professional development opportunities that including technical short courses, lectures, seminars, colloquium, and webcasts.

Short courses
In direct response to the needs of Minnesota's high-tech businesses, our short courses give practicing scientists and engineers an opportunity to acquire new skills for the current workplace. Courses are industry focused with an emphasis on workplace applications.

Seminars, colloquia, lectures, and webcasts
Many of our departments and centers hold weekly seminars and colloquia in which experts from across the country present on the latest scientific topics. These events are generally open to alumni and working professionals who want to learn more in these specific scientific areas. Many of our centers also offer webcasts for professionals.

Lists are usually updated on department and center websites at the beginning of each semester.

Short courses


Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

Mechanical Engineering

Technological Leadership Institute

Department seminars, colloquia, and lectures

Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics


Biomedical Engineering

Chemical Engineering and Materials Science


Civil Engineering

Computer Science and Engineering

Earth Sciences

Electrical and Computer Engineering


Mechanical Engineering

Physics and Astronomy

Center and program seminars, colloquia, lectures and webcasts

Center for Nanostructure Applications

History of Science and Technology

Theoretical Physics Institute


Technological Leadership Institute

Institute for Mathematics and its Applications

Medical Devices Center

St. Anthony Falls Lab