Digital Technology Center Researchers


Digital Technology Center coming to a successful conclusion

For the past two decades, the Digital Technology Center (DTC) has served as a research hub for the University of Minnesota, helping bring together researchers engaged in advancing digital technologies and bringing them to applications across the University. The DTC has fostered high-quality research in areas including wireless communications, signal processing, computer networking and networked services, robotics, interactive graphics and visualization, and data science.

Today, there is little doubt that these areas of research are thriving and that digital technology is well-embedded across the University, from health sciences to social sciences, from engineering to education to agriculture.

DTC coming to a successful conclusion

This is therefore an appropriate time to celebrate the success of the DTC and thank the people who made it a success. It is also an appropriate time to bring the center to a successful conclusion. The DTC formally closed June 30, 2021. We are working with the center’s leadership to ensure that existing commitments are fulfilled and to develop transition plans for programs that will move to departments or other centers.