Access to the Digital Technology Center

ACCESS TO THE FOURTH FLOOR researcher offices and laboratories requires an activated UCard or a temporary access card. Visitors can gain access to the fourth floor by either requesting access at the DTC's reception desk (room 499) or by calling the person they wish to visit on the phone located by the doors to the fourth floor researcher offices and laboratories.

Building hours at Walter Library will vary throughout the year. During the academic year, it is planned for the building to be open around-the-clock. However, during breaks and weekends, these hours may change. A validated UCard will allow you access at anytime through the doors on the Pleasant Street side of the building. The access card reader is located on the left as you face the doors.

There are two main elevators in the corridor that runs east to west on the first floor. These elevators offer open access to the fourth and fifth floors Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Outside of these hours, a validated UCard is required. There is also a third elevator located near the east entrance to the library. This elevator has open access to the basement, first and second floors. DTC Researchers and staff with offices on the fourth and basement floors will have their UCards validated for access to these floors.

Gaining Access

  • The Principal Investigator (PI) must approve researcher's access to the secured areas and the research group's offices in the Digital Technology Center.
  • Once a person begins to work in the DTC, they should see Jeremy Jenkins within 10 business days so we can make a photocopy of their UCard. At that time, they will also receive office keys. If, after 10 days we do not have a photocopy, UCard access will be suspended unless other arrangements have been made.


  • UCards are issued to all University of Minnesota faculty, staff, and students. Long-term visitors (more than four weeks) and non-University users of the DTC resources can have UCards issued to them at the request of the DTC or their affiliated department.
  • The main UCard office is currently located at 825 Washington Avenue SE, Room 107. There are satellite locations in the Rec Center and the St. Paul Gym. For more information please see:
  • Please be aware that if you lose or damage your UCard, there is a $15 replacement fee. The access card replacement fee will be paid by the DTC only when strip used for access becomes unusable through normal wear and tear.
  • Office holders may wish to keep their UCard safe and easily accessible by using a lanyard and a UCard holder. These are available at no charge to DTC researchers in room 499 Walter Library.


  • Keys will be issued to researchers for research labs and offices upon approval of the PI.
  • If keys are not returned upon leaving the DTC, a fee of $25 will be charged to the researcher.

Temporary Cards

  • Temporary Cards are available for short-term visitors (less than four weeks) and for people that have either forgotten or misplaced their card.
  • To receive a temporary card (with the exception of visiting researchers) you must leave some sort of collateral (i.e. driver's license, car keys) to ensure that they are returned.

Security Precautions

  • Do not allow unknown people to follow you through secured doors.
  • Do not prop open the security doors or emergency exit doors.
  • Do not allow people to borrow your UCard.
  • Let the DTC staff know immediately if you lose/misplace your UCard.
  • PIs should inform the DTC as soon as a researcher's access should be ended.
  • Security concerns should be reported to Jeremy Jenkins (612-625-4104 or
  • Emergencies should be reported to the University police by calling 911.