Breakrooms and Conference Rooms

THERE ARE TWO LUNCHROOMS located in Rooms B18B and 410, which are both equipped with a refrigerator. Room 410 has two microwaves and Room B18B has one microwave. If you store food in the refrigerators, please mark your name on it and make sure that you don’t leave items sitting in there for long periods of time.

Conference rooms 404 and 405 will accommodate 20 people. A larger seminar room (402) is also available and will accommodate 100 people. If you would like to reserve any of these rooms please see the DTC receptionist in room 499, call 4-9510.

Two small common areas are located in Rooms 435 and 475. To make reservations for these rooms, please utilize the whiteboards on the doors. In addition, the reception area 401 is available for informal gatherings.