Building Security

THE DTC IS LOCATED in a public building with a substantial amount of traffic. Over the years, there have been thefts in the building. We urge all DTC office holders to follow the following procedures to help protect their property and their research:

  • Close and lock the doors to your office when you leave it (especially if you are not within the 4th floor security perimeter).
  • When entering and leaving Walter Library after building hours, please make sure the door latches behind you.
  • If you find one the main doors to Walter Library unlocked please inform the security monitor office 624-9255 and let me know via email.
  • When entering the secured perimeter of the 4th floor, please be aware of unauthorized people following you in. If you are unsure that someone should have access, please either ask them if they have access, report them (during business hours) to Jeremy Jenkins ( or the security monitor office 624-9255.
  • Be sure that you are properly backing up your data. Equipment can replaced fairly easily, your files, data, and results are more difficult, if not sometimes impossible, to replace and can contain confidential information. If you have questions about the file backup systems available to DTC users, please send email to
  • Report any suspicious activities to the University Police or the security monitor office.