Graphics and Visualization

Victoria Interrante
Daniel Keefe
Gary Meyer


The University of Minnesota Interactive Visualization Lab investigates novel visualization, computer graphics, user interface, and computational techniques to address challenges in analyzing cutting-edge scientific data. As imaging and recording technologies advance, scientists increasingly require and collect complex multi-dimensional data that pose major challenges for today's analysis strategies. The iVLab investigates innovative visual and interactive strategies for increasing our ability to extract new insights from these emerging data sets. The computational research is guided and evaluated by active interdisciplinary collaborations. Current projects in the iVLab include collaborators in evolutionary biology, orthopedic biomechanics, medical device design, computational fluid dynamics, visual art, illustration, and other fields.

Recent Research Highlights

Cave Painting

Daniel F. Keefe, Daniel Acevedo Feliz, Tomer Moscovich, David H. Laidlaw, Joseph J. LaViola Jr. "CavePainting: A Fully Immersive 3D Artistic Medium and Interactive Experience." In Proceedings of I3D 2001, Pages 85–93, 2001.