Video Teleconferencing


  • comes with 50" plasma TV and integrated sound system
  • can conference with 3 other remote Polycom sites
  • supports laptop demos and presentations
  • is completely mobile

Videoconferencing is available without charge to faculty and staff in the Digital Technology Center, Minnesota Supercomputing Institute, College of Science and Engineering Dean’s office or any College of Science and Engineering department. Other departments should contact the Digital Technology Center to discuss availability.

The unit may only be used in Walter Library conference rooms.

It is recommended that a test call be placed to new sites a day before the actual meeting will take place as this will allow an opportunity to identify and resolve any problems. To initiate a call, an IP address needs to be obtained from the remote site. The IP address for our unit is or

To reserve the system please contact the DTC reception desk at 612-624-9510 or email