Webcasting in 402

WEBCASTING IS AVAILABLE in the Digital Technology Center’s Scientific Presentation room 402. For information regarding access to room 402, please see the DTC’s room reservation policy. Currently, the DTC does not charge a fee for access to the web-casting equipment.

The technical support for web-casting is being provided by OIT at the University of Minnesota. This technical support includes the technician to operate the web-casting equipment on site at the DTC, providing the networking, and hosting the site. There are charges associated with these services. These charges are summarized below.

Groups interested in web-casting events should make arrangements for the technical support of the web-cast directly with OIT Video Solutions. The DTC does not provide web-casting support. Because of scheduling issues (i.e., staffing and access to fiber optic lines), web-casts need to be scheduled one to two months in advance of the event.

Costs for webcasting an event

Currently, OIT Video Solutions charges the following fees related to web-casting:

  • Event Fee: $50
  • Operator: $72/hr

To arrange for web-casting technical support, contact:

OIT: 626-4444